Nintendo Switch Sports mainly takes familiar swings

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Nintendo Switch SportsBringing the classic Wii-era motion sport that many have been waiting for to the company’s latest console. So how much fun does sport include? Alright, let’s go.


The first bowling of the game back is mostly what you remember. There are no noticeable control changes, so whether you enjoy bowling depends largely on whether you wanted to play the Wii version again. If you’re playing locally, does the split-screen approach speed things up a bit? What is it?

Big change? This is the structure of online games. Taking a battle royale approach, the player throws three frames, enters the upper half of the scoreboard and tries to continue playing. It’s a pretty fun conceit, but there’s no doubt that it will be competitive after the first week or two.


Similarly, tennis is basically the same game as it used to be. It’s my favorite, so the development team tries not to mess with the formula. The most accessible of the six games makes it a good starting point for a game session. There is no new rotation like bowling battle royale, so let’s move on.


If you look at badminton and think, “Well, it’s still just tennis,” we understand that. It’s difficult to convert the nuances of the sport itself into an accessible Nintendo version. But for fairness? He tries various things. Badminton is only one-to-one and actually depends on the movement and angle of a particular hand. For better or for worse, finer tracking is possible and, in theory, the player’s skill needs to be emphasized.

in fact? It turns out that it’s very easy to continue volleying and it ends with a blunder that causes the player to fall. Some people may like it, but in general it is the most skippable in a bunch.


Oh hey, there’s another one here! Volleyball uses the same court layout as tennis … well, basically adding a fast-paced event sequence? You need to define and extend scripted sequences and remove decisions to simplify the sport.The result is an event that looks more like a part Mario & Sonic It Wii Sports.. It’s also almost skippable, but there are some differences that some people will love.


It’s great to see a sword fight here, as we enjoyed in our previous incarnations.The modern precision motion controller worked well with the sword, and I felt like Nintendo had that in mind when it built the mechanic. arm..

There are several weapons to choose from. A dual sword scheme that uses one sword, a weak rechargeable weapon, and two Joy-Con controllers. Expert players are confident that they can take advantage of the second sword to some extent, but obviously in amateur games, focusing on just one has been more successful.


Much less accessible in a bunch, does football, well, build a real sport? Others are fun party activities, but in football I was able to make adjustments and strategies to play and to position myself well on the pitch. With the game Protia, you can strive to be the best in any sport. Others find meditative grinds at other events. But what is this? It seems worth playing intelligently and competing.

This is a game where you need to play both Joy-Con. Move with the analog stick, keep the meter dashing, wave and kick to run the header. The leg straps included in the physical version are Ring Fit Adventure, Leave you kicked! Well, finally. For now, it only works in single player mini games. To be honest, arm kicks work just fine.

online game

What about Nintendo games? yes, Nintendo Switch Sports Works well with inline schemas. You can select and queue up to three sports to speed up matching. The busy weekend launch didn’t cause many problems.

And that’s good! That’s because Nintendo now looks like it’s actually pushing online by default. Customized items can only be obtained by playing online and are the first option in the main menu. I always like to go offline in a room full of friends and family, but it’s a lot of fun to bring my compatriots in an online session.

Everything else

Yes, if you want to use Miis, but new Nintendo Switch Sports Avatar is displayed as a priority option. This makes sense because the online progression of the game is associated with the customization items for those characters. On the other hand, we don’t have to earn glasses or a beard to make it look like who we are. other? They are funny. Aesthetics nicely divides the difference between Miis and Inklings.

Not a radical reimagination of the original Wii SportsHowever Nintendo Switch Sports It does a good job of transforming much of the fun into modern systems. But a lot of fun is playing with friends. Three identical field sports will slow down the collection a bit, but hopefully the good parts will be augmented by additional development support in the future.

Nintendo Switch Sports Nintendo Switch is now available.

This article will be automatically translated from your original language to your language. Please feel free to let us know if any translation errors are included so that we can fix them as soon as possible.