Nintendo Switch Sports (Nintendo Switch)-Preview

This was one of the first big Nintendo Direct announcements in 2022 (by the way, one of the best in E3). Nintendo Switch Sports was announced to be available soon (late April). This game was brought to us with the best-selling console ever, as the spiritual successor to the Wii Sport, a game that everyone already has. But this time it’s not a free game and will start Opus for 60 euros. Therefore, you need to guarantee and provide players with an experience that is worth the detour. This time (finally!) We’re quitting Mii, creating a sadly sophisticated design, and giving way to an avatar that looks like something with the potential for specific customization. This is already good news in itself. The game is sold in physics with leg straps, similar to Ring Fit Adventure.

Many sports have been announced and emphasized, such as soccer, which looks like a big and soft Rocket League and can be played on the legs (through straps), and volleyball, which we can’t wait to try. Few people have tried to copy volleyball to video games these days. That is often a bad thing. The only last good release of this sport was the Mario Sports Mix (Wii). Going back further, the GameCube beach spiker remains in my mind forever. However, the presentation of this game did not arouse the enthusiasm of the editorial staff. For soccer, as with volleyball, these new sports looked soft, soft and accessible, but obviously I don’t want to play. I’m worried that the apéritif mini-game can only be played once or twice. But fear does not avoid danger. And when you have the game, make a paper decision. Oh, and at the end of the inevitable bad news road, sacred golf isn’t available on the first day, but it’s available via a patch months after the game’s release. I’m shocked by this lack, like you, but I’m busy picking up a small piece of my heart that was hurt and betrayed by this announcement.

A few weeks ago, we already had the opportunity to discover some sports while everyone was doing a full-scale crash test for free. It’s a good idea that generally gave positive feedback to the game. We are pleased to be invited to play this new “hit” of the hybrid console a little more and provide a little more complete and detailed opinion. Expectations and our feelings before testing to reach the horizon of game release.

Six sports of the game were presented to us. We were able to try them all. Each sport offers one or two players (some up to four) and fills the player shortage with adjustable difficulty bots. In all sports, movement awareness is solid and appropriate. This is great for holding and watching (playing) the controller, especially if you know the first Wii Sport in its name.

  • Volleyball: Movement-based gameplay is very simple, and the game is ultimately more fluid and faster than expected. The exchange is immediately very interesting, tactical and easy to handle (proof, Léa played without doing anything). All the little disappointments are the same, but the match has only 5 points and can seem short. Similarly, it seems that only 2v2 is planned at this time.
  • Badminton: Another new sport in this piece, this game offers a fairly dynamic exchange for nervous gameplay. You’re already doing bad things, so you’ll soon get caught up in the game and feel pretty close. We have the right sensation in our arms, and in the end it’s effective and comfortable, even if the gameplay is very simple, and we get caught up in the game right away.
  • Samurai: This is the sport that didn’t convince us the most. This sword duel seemed awkward and almost uninteresting to us (and I’m not saying that because it’s the only sport Rhea won). He feels an apéritif game syndrome that we launch once for testing but not always back. It’s a sport of anticipation of movement, and suddenly doing a big nag is the most effective tactic to gain an advantage over your opponent.
  • Bowling: Why change the winning recipe? The main sport of Wii Sports, which has definitely transformed billions of nights of family television, is back. If you could get an overview of battle royale mode in online mode, you could find one of the new local options. This is the possibility of playing the game all at the same time, not in order, which is just as lively. Because the waiting time is shortened! In addition, it seems that other modes / options are planned to add content. This will explode already for quite some time in this flagship sport.
  • Tennis: Again, this is the flagship sport since the first half and there was no need to remake hot water. Tennis is still there and basically hasn’t changed much. However, Joy-con’s accuracy and tempo seem to be at the heart of gameplay. As soon as you start in nag mode, the ball will come out of the field.
  • Soccer: The last new sport in this edit. So far, soccer has four game modes. I was able to test both 4v4 and goal shoot. 4v4 games provide fairly manageable Rocket League gameplay and bring versatility to the game quickly. If it’s the sport that doesn’t make us the warmest, we’ve finally joined the game. This is one of the good surprises of this Opus. Shots in goal mode require leg straps and provide a mini leg lift tempo game. It’s simple, but it’s especially effective for everyone to play with. You can play with the straps for everyone or with each strap.

Finally, we realize that this famous strap is only used for sports mini-games (shootouts) and the rest of the game can be played completely without this accessory. So for anyone looking to buy in an e-shop, the game is 90% playable without having to fix their legs, and even if the penalty shootout game is pretty good, you won’t lose much as a result. Nintendo has also promised to add patches to game releases in the near future to make football’s 4v4 mode compatible with this famous leg strap, but it’s not required.

Technically, Opus is very good. Above all, it is very fluid without a drop in frame rate. This is safe for regular sports games. We once again pay tribute to the idea of ​​dismissing Mii and eventually having a minimal facial avatar, though not really. What makes the game beautiful with a landscape that is particular about the details.

If Base NT was pretty skeptical about the announcement of this Nintendo Switch Sports, once the controller was available, this Opus would agree with everyone to become the spiritual and legitimate heir of Wii Sports. it is clear. Please note, this is still a casual game, but it’s a very good casual. Another game to add to the long list of hits from Nintendo’s hybrid console is a very good game that won’t stop stuffing us over and over again.