No longer chaotic, France now beats “clean”

Josh Navidi of Wales will face the French team Gregory Aldrit during the match between Wales and Six Nations in France on March 11th at the Principal Stadium in Cardiff Stadium, France.

It was the time when the majority of French XV players played against England in the “Finals” of the Six Nations Tournament on Saturday, March 19th. Thirty years ago, in contrast to the same English, Bruce bottomed out. With choppy encounters, low hits were speeding up the game. “Rival savagery has reached a level where it needs to be improved.”,after that, Guardian.. Bruce, who was heavily beaten by his hated rival (13-31), ended the meeting with two expulsions for the first time in history.

“It wasn’t a particularly fierce match, but Remember former prostitute Vincent Moscato – one of two tricolors exiled with Gregoire Las Cuve.. Either way, it’s less violent than others. I was stolen by the referee, but the image was not good. »»

If you are hosting a daily “Moscat Show” program at RMC, “Image of a lawless barbarian” After that, it wasn’t just the infusion of prostitute Brian Moore into the Anglo-Saxon press that stuck to the blues. “The French are unruly villains and even more violent.” “Our image is ours. Perhaps we were responsible for it. Supports the former blues hooker. But she influenced the referee. »»

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If Franco English’s rivalry retains its salt, 2022 rugby is no longer much related to what was practiced before the transformation of professionalism. In his own way, current England manager Eddie Jones is prolonging the pressure technique. However, the French XV is one game away from winning the tenth Grand Slam in Tricolor’s Ovalley history and is now doing everything to avoid criticism.

“Violence has become a weapon against ourselves.”

“Thirty years ago, you had to scare your opponent first, and then we talked about rugby.A photo of former third-line Imanol Harinordoski. Today we have the means to scare our opponents without throwing punches. »» In the case of Bruce’s previous “Jumping Basque”, the increased penalties incurred made the player: “Put your hand in your pocket”..

End-Most-Malicious gestures in Scrum entry or rack (these groupings after plating). Violence that once helped mark the enemy, “It has become a weapon for me.” In 2019, Bruce made a big payment to Nudge “I can’t defend” Sebastian Vaamahina of Sebastian Vaamahina in the World Cup quarterfinals with Wales.

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“It’s not ancient history. I saw it in Scotland two years ago with Mohammed Hauas.”, I remember Imanol Harinordoki. In this first tournament of French coach XV Grind Fabien Galthié, set up at the end of 2019, Bruce lost his nerves in his fourth match, before the three-colored pillars were banished for Scottsman’s snitch. Increased obstacles. General battle. “There was a lot of pressure in this match and the Grand Slam was imminent.Harinordoquy. We felt a lot of excitement in the team, so the Scottish pushed it where it hurts and the player unpinned it. »»

France learned from misfortune in Edinburgh if France lost control and at the same time lost the conference (17-28). “When we fall, we remember the lessonAfter that, he scolded Fabien Galthié. These are things we, our teammates and our supporters can’t achieve on the pitch. »»

Bruce’s third line, Gregory Alldritt, confirms that. “Emotionally, I wasn’t well managed in Scotland two years ago, or against Argentina. [cet automne] Where there were some skirmishes. But when we went out, we learned for the next game. »» The French, strengthened in the two years they rolled their humps together, have applied not to provide ammunition available to the enemy since the start of the competition.

“We know how to manage our mood well.”

This obsession is not new. It dates back to the time of Bernard Laporte. The coach, the current president of the French Rugby Federation (FFR), was then blown to his men during the half-time of the 2002 tournament match against Italy.His picture was taken without his knowledge “No obstacles” It was taken over by the advertisement and became a slogan. “It’s an evolution of our sport. In modern rugby, everything is expensive.”Summarizes Vincent Moscato.

This deployment also recorded the rapid disappearance of justice of the enemy. “Ten years ago, if the referee didn’t do his job, you were punished when you were smart on the pitch.”, Imanol Harinordoquy is published. Offside players are no longer punished from the other side. “This leaves a little room for those who like to talk and those who play to the limit.”I regret the previous third line of France.

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On Saturday, Bruce hopes that the talented English second line Maro Itoje will make their lives difficult. Forward co-trainer Karim Ghezzal has confirmed this week that he has briefed his men about the fourth match of the XV Dela Rose. “We want to learn the conditions, be able to adapt to the opponent’s game, and learn the referee. »»

The French staff was strengthened for a year by former international referee Jerome Garces. “We have integrated discipline into all aspects of the game. We exhibited this at the beginning of the tournament. The important thing is to get rid of all the simple mistakes. »» Bruce, now a good student, no longer offers “easy” penalties to his opponents due to lack of discipline. “We’re talking about game fouls, not violence. Vincent Moscato says. They do not do it because they dominate, defend, apply themselves, and be vigilant. »»

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This attention to detail is not Bruce’s privilege.Penalized in last match – Charlie Yules on the second line was sent off after 82 seconds of play For dangerous plating About the Irish – The British focused on tackle height this week. To avoid sanctions from referees and opponents who speed up the game using poorly controlled gestures. “We know English. We are used to their tense room, but we stay in the corner and don’t talk much.Closing the opening half-Romain Ntamack in France. We know how to manage our mood well. »»

A sign that is convinced of the strength of the team, the French XV is approaching the “finals” of the tournament without worrying about threatening their opponents. France is still scary across the channel, but not for the same reason. And there is no doubt that the Stade de France will attend France-England on Saturday, the exact opposite of what was contested at the Parc des Princes 30 years ago.