Nogaro.At Repsol, France’s F4 saves greenhouse gases

The apprentice pilot’s single-seater uses noble biofuels …

If it is true that Pablo Sarazan, like his father like his son, is promised a bright future. Pablo, 16 years old, and 23 other “apprentice” drivers form F4 Peloton, version 2022, which will also start the season in Nogaro this weekend. Twenty-four apprentices, including twelve French, represented 11 nationalities. Among the Sayed are Indians, Hugh Barter, Australians, Valentino Mini, Panamas, Souta Arao and Japanese. Others also come from Ecuador, Colombia, Germany, Belgium and even Andorra because they have no beard on their chin. Pablo of Gardova Dulles, the son of Stephane Sarrazin, was shining on the circuit, including the WRC Rally and Nogaro. At the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Stefan also made several podiums. And if F.1 doesn’t smile too much at him (only one Grand Prix is ​​being contested), it can lead to “bad luck” mistakes. It is no exaggeration to say that Pablo Sarazan was born to play an active role in motor sports. Under the supervision of the FFSA Academy, these young “scholars” who can integrate the French F4 Championship go to good school without a father in private lessons.

Dual innovation

This year, F4 will innovate twice. A new car with a weight of 540 kg and equipped with F4 / FIA official Mygale Generation 2 carbon monocoque. Equipped with a direct-injection Renault turbo equipped with a halo that is installed by Pirelli and complies with the safety standards announced by the International Automobile Federation. But it’s been a “topic” for some time because of other innovations. As it is a “global pioneer of biofuels”, it announces the French Motorsports Federation and Repsol, Spain’s leading energy player. The agreement binding them provides for the use of biofuels resulting from waste recycling that “allows savings of more than 70% greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil fuels” for at least all seasons. .. “Meets the sustainability standards established within the framework of the European Directive on Renewable Energy and the parameters of the Advanced Sustainable Fuel specification announced by the International Motorsports Federation.” This biofuel has been tested in F4 for several months. I am. We are generally told to be satisfied. But testing and trying are one thing, racing is another. And the premiere today will be from 10:45 am to 4:05 pm in Nogaro, with Race 3 on Monday at 11:50 am.

Purpose: Cabin neutrality

In a race followed by FFSA President Nicholas Deshaw, “We are pleased to position French motorsport as a testbed for the development of renewable fuel technology. This agreement with Repsol opens the Formula 4 Championship. It will be the first competition single. The world’s seaters using 100% renewable fuels are in perfect agreement with France’s environmental strategy, which aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. It should be remembered that FFSA and its motorcycle counterparts will work with the Ministry of Sports to announce the first “environmental barometer” for motorsport in late 2022.

Yesterday’s F4 qualifying was dominated by Hugh Barter (Australia), who set the fastest time ahead of Sota Arao (Japan) and Pierre Alexandre Provost (France) at an average speed of 148.5 km / h. Even with the savings in greenhouse gases, the F4, which is now blue and not white, remains a real racing car.


11 women on the track

Eleven female pilots are participating in these Easter Cups. An up-and-coming person who pleases Caroline Divies, the director of the circuit, who was also elected to the FFSA, which chairs the Women’s Committee. Twins Alyyah, Yasmeen Koloc and Angeline Detavernier will participate in GT4, Carla Debard, Margot Carvalhido, Illona Bertapelle and Caroline Candas will participate in the French Tourism Championship, and Margaux Verza will be the only woman in the Alpine Europa Cup Peloton. Estellie Drigou and Andréa Deldossi are engaged in Mitjet.

Silver title Drue

In the French GT4 Championship, French champion Gersois de Bétous Thomas Drouet in the Pro AM category (a title shared with his teammate Fabien Barthez in 2021, but the latter had to skip the Spa meeting) wins again. I will try this time the title of the silver category. Drouet is aiming for these two passes within the team of Jérôme Policand, the Mercedes-AMG GT 4 and Akkodis ASP, along with new and highly successful teammate Paul Evrard. On this same team, Baltes is currently running with Viterowa Jimpra. Gers’ other GT4 driver, Eric Trémoulet, is in the Team Joufffruit with a Vic’Team structure and is leaving for the season with the Mercedes-AMG GT4 with Olivier Jouffret as a co-driver / friend.