Not giving Putin and the Russians a “boost”: the threat is becoming clearer for Wimbledon’s Daniil Medvedev

The threat to Daniil Medvedev is becoming more and more apparent. A few weeks ago, the British government warned that it had not ruled out the idea of ​​banning Russians from playing in Wimbledon after the invasion of Ukraine. “”Many countries agree not to allow Russian representatives to compete. Absolutely no one should come to the court with the Russian flag.“r” had launched the sports minister, Nigel Huddleston, before the announcement: “We need a potential guarantee that they are not Putin supporters, and we are thinking about what requirements we need to try to get a guarantee along those lines.“.

Since then, nothing has been filtered for these well-known guarantees that the UK Government may require. However, Daniil Medvedev remains uncertain about his presence in London at the end of June. Wimbledon is clearly still fully reflected. “”We have noted the UK Government’s guidelines for the participation of Russians and Belarusians in a neutral position in British sporting events.“The All England Club, which hosts this big lawn party, said in a press release on Tuesday.We continue to consult with the British Government, the Lawn Tennis Association and the International Tennis Federation. Wimbledon decisions will be announced before the entry deadline in mid-May.“”

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Why can Wimbledon afford to refuse? “Private clubs have more freedom”

Therefore, at this time, Wimbledon does not exclude anything. According to The Telegraph, London tournaments can even be hit hard. And while the war is still raging in Ukraine and the atrocities committed by Vladimir Putin’s army have been discovered in Butcha, not only Russian but also Belarusian athletes will participate in the next edition. You will consider not allowing it. And this year’s third Grand Slam is clearly fine.

The ATP and WTA have made Russian athletes play on the circuit, but under a neutral flag, Wimbledon is in the status of an independent tournament, leaving room for players to refuse to draw. “”Private clubs have more freedom as to whether or not to allow players to participate.They are not subject to the same discrimination laws as circuits“The British daily describes the members of the famous All England Lawn Tennis and Croquette Club (AELTC).”If the ATP or WTA takes more drastic steps, Russian players may claim that they cannot make a living without the charge of personal negligence.But that’s not really a problem for Wimbledon.. “

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Do not provide Putin a “boost”

Today, Wimbledon clearly thinks about it seriously. With a non-significant motive: parts of the kingdom do not want Daniil Medvedev’s success on the London lawn to benefit Vladimir Putin. According to the Telegraph, it provides Russians with an additional “boost”.

The world’s second-largest French Open, currently injured in hernia treatment, may be missing depending on healing time and may be on the London floor, which has never passed the knockout stage. He has repeatedly declared that he only wants “peace,” but the final winner of the US Open will be prevented from practicing his deal for any reason other than him. Like her compatriots and Arina Sabalenka in Belarus.


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