Nursing Home Cash Survey: Meal Prices, Employment Without Diplomas … Show Highlights

This Tuesday, March 1, France 2 broadcast the long-awaited cash investigation issue dedicated to the nursing home business shortly after the scandal caused by the release of the book “Les Fossoyeurs” by Victor Castanet. did.

The cash survey surveyed nursing homes. A survey that has been distributed for over a year for the very strong news associated with the release of the book “Les Fossoyeurs,” which pinned Orpea. So, at Ehpad: Account Time, Marie Maurice worked to provide a powerful survey and even sneaked in the middle, but she’s not always indifferent.

Some testimonies and sequences are enlightening and an opportunity to return to some of the highlights of the program presented by Elise Russet.

How much does a CRJ or resident cost?

Testimony of former director of Corian group Ehpad in a sequence to remember from the show. He describes what CRJ is and the “true flagship product” for the company. Therefore, according to his testimony, this daily cost includes: “Breakfast, lunch, light meals, supper, supper. This includes drinks.”

And the total is scary: “There, a day costs 4,35 €”, Former Director, Support Documents. To keep this budget tighter, “everything is calculated to the closest gram,” the cash survey explains. In the same excerpt, we also found that the inhabitants did not have the croutons that went with the onion soup planned to celebrate Grandmother’s Day, which requires a budget.

Unqualified nursing assistant

Journalist Marie Maurice was hired by Corian to carry out her investigation. She specified to her colleague that she did not have a diploma and found that she was assigned to the services of a qualified nursing assistant, ASD. She found that she wasn’t the only one to work without a diploma.

ud83d udd34 In the name of profitability, do Corians save money to undermine the well-being of their inhabitants?

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The number of patients who are late and see in a very short time, the pace is desperate.When she asks a question to one of her new colleagues, Marie Maurice discovers it.It takes 20-25 minutes per resident to perform a complete wash. It can take up to 8-10 minutes to finish the tour with nails.

Interview with Corian

At the end of the survey broadcast, an interview was conducted with Elise Russet and Corian director Sophie Boisard. This argued against many sequences of documentaries, for her, the investigation is prosecution and “totally misleading.”

ud83d udc64 Exceptionally @ France2tv At the end of the survey, we will broadcast “Ehpad: Calculation Time?”Discussions recorded and moderated by live conditions @EliseLucet

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ud83d udd38Sophie Boissard, Managing Director @korian

Next, the round table of u2935 ufe0f

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She also regrets having Marie Maurice hired her to take advantage of her experience as a nursing assistant. In the text published in France information, the accusation that the cash investigation team also responded.

“Marie Maurice’s resume did not mention a bachelor’s degree or equivalent training for a nursing assistant (…) she sent a resume containing real career elements and other fictitious elements (” …) And, contrary to what the General Manager of the Corian Group claims, STMG’s bachelor’s degree in the face of Elise Russet is not a bachelor’s degree in medical society.

Marie Maurice also states that “after being hired on a one-month life assistant contract, I found myself on the caregiver’s schedule from day one.” She resigned three days later.

The cash survey, “Ehpad: Account Time” can be played on French television.