Of the French ready to leave to fight the Russians

Jéré my S. , 32, Po: “I don’t know when I’ll be back”

32-year-old Jeremy always wanted to be a soldier. When he was rejected for a reason, his childhood dreams disappeared …

Jéré my S. , 32, Po: “I don’t know when I’ll be back”

32-year-old Jeremy always wanted to be a soldier. His dreams of his childhood disappeared when he failed because of his lower back problems. Frustration that probably explains the “click” after President Zelensky’s call. “I’ve been following the news since the invasion of Russia began, and I see the Ukrainian people really need reinforcements, troops and humanitarians at the reception at Poe’s hotel. He just resigned, “I don’t know when he’ll be back,” he clearly admits. His aides unanimously opposed his departure and no one shared this sense of urgency. “There is a lot of selfishness. They all say the same thing:” It’s not our war. ” I remind them that during the two World Wars, even if it wasn’t “their” war, the nations came to help us. A young father who is “risk-aware” and has never dealt with combat weapons wants to benefit from on-site express training, “only rifles with hunting friends.” “I saw the departure on Wednesday, but it was too early. Previously, I wanted to kiss my two children, 6 and 9 years old, who live with their mother in Pessac and Morsans. . Without telling me exactly where I’m going. Don’t worry about them. »»

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Ukraine: The war has just begun

Ukraine: The war has just begun

The second wave of Russian attacks seems inevitable. Because traditionally Russians negotiate only when the military interests on the ground are substantial.

Ludovic B., Saint-Malo: “I will inevitably help.”

Ludovic is in his thirties and lives in Brittany. Helplessness bit him when he saw the Ukrainians suffering under a Russian bomb for several days. Until he decides to fight with them. The young man has no military experience, but as a former volunteer firefighter, he imagines it “inevitably useful.” “I’m going to give first aid to the victims above all else, but if I need to take a weapon, it’s time to go. In my view, the threat of a conflict spreading to Europe is downplayed. Shouldn’t be. “His aides are already in distress by the context, but they are unaware.” I will talk to them in the last moment … “Mosaic tiler, he so far I just warned his employer, who praised his courage, to make himself unusable. Breton admits unknown dizziness as he collects emergency equipment and clothing to fight the cold. “But I’m not afraid. Rather, the conflict will spread globally.» »

Jérôme C. , Gourdon (Lot): “To say I’m not afraid would be a lie.”

“I’m sure I’m celebrating my 40th birthday there.” Sad observations. Still, Jerome C.’s determination is perfect. Since President Zelensky’s call, Rotova has tried to discourage him from his family. Nonetheless, he knew he wouldn’t retreat. “My mother no longer sleeps or eats, but she doesn’t change her mind. I refuse the spill and fight with his people in Ukraine I have a deep respect for the President. We must answer his call. This maintenance worker will leave for Germany on Saturday and join other volunteers he meets through social networks. According to them, they will be 100 people (French, Belgian, German, Dutch) who have promised to return to Ukraine in a “convoy”. “I bring two trunks of medical equipment. I have no way to buy military equipment, but solidarity has been born on the internet. We are helping each other. Combat vest in Germany Get it. The 40s left a letter to his sister. “I know I may not come back. I’m aware of the risks because I lie when I say I’m not scared. , I can’t sit on the sofa … “

Victorian, 22, Angoulême: “I really need help”

“Because I have combat experience, the Ukrainian President’s call was clicked. I really want to help. Helpful. Victorian, who lives in Angouleme, does not define himself as a suicide bomber. This decision is” He argues that it is not “capricious.” The former Army soldier, who he recently left for family reasons, is frustrated to see French volunteers take this step. “Some Facebook think of it as a video game. They are completely unaware of the reality of the war-torn country.” What is his goal? A little preparation in Paris Later, leave as soon as possible. Single, he calls himself “decision”. Having never set out for Opex (1), he confesses a slight “fear”. “I’m paying attention to the profiles of other volunteers on social networks. I have no experience in combat and I don’t want to leave with people who have no experience. It’s not a movie, it’s serious. »»

((((1) French foreign military operations