OL has too little action in Reims and is stuck in the middle of the table

It ended 0-0 between Reims and Lyon!

The office lady had two good opportunities, a short-distance post from Dembele and an aour, and had the best chance, but not enough to produce. Therefore, 0-0 is not illogical for the match and is not as exciting as joining the multiplex at 3pm, so it will be displayed as little as possible.


With a wonderful move from Lyon, Paqueta is overflowing and serving Barcola who handed over to Aouar. The OL captain (from Dembele’s exit) takes a long time to shoot, but his shot is a little too strong and is pushed back from his shoulder by Rajkovic!

Flips instead of Foket

There is a lot of time left for additional time.

Paqueta shoots over from a free kick

“Yeah!” Among the Reims supporters, this is the most beautiful emotion in this match.

Reine Adelaide still seems to be a bit short physically

Midfielders attacking OLs need too much ball touch to follow up.

It smells 0-0

We waited until 85 minutes to say it, but we were able to do it from 3 days (at the risk of looking like our Daron).

Barcola on behalf of Kadewere

The fourth appearance of League One for young Lyon.

Toko Ekambi’s Yellow Card

OL lead 0-3 for this indicator.

The first change in Lyon

Dembele, who missed everything, including close range, was replaced by Reine Adeleine. Paqueta should take the initiative.

Hornby comes out

He wouldn’t have given us the opportunity to take a yellow card and make a literary valve. Doumbia will take the place.

There is no change on the OL side yet

We should probably warn our agents that they can do it despite the expulsion of the boss.

Lance Rebel

There is no chance, but the changes are good and Champagne is approaching Lopez’s goal.

Lance double change

Doumbia and Locko will replace Berisha and Kebbal.

OL is a little sharper than the first half

Still unsuccessful and remains the sharpest supporter.

Houssem has time in the box

He tries a tight shot, but it closes and the defender pushes back the corner. A little highlight of Lyon.

Dembele on the post!

Why couldn’t he score? The OL striker appears in the distant post of the cross from Gusto, but his recovery cannot be postponed. can not believe it.

Another (almost) opportunity!

Kadewere crosses hard for Dembele, who diverts the ball on the heel, but not enough. There is nothing big, but after the desert for the first period we take!

Hornby puts the header on the cross from the left

But Lopez is easy to pick up. It may be a good sign anyway.

Changes during breaks

Lopy on behalf of Munetsi on the Reims side.

here we go again !

I look forward to further sights in the second period. Or, it’s really just showmanship.

0-0 in the break between Reims and OL!

Lyone owns it, but there aren’t many opportunities. The shot from Aouar was blocked after a good centre-back from Gusto, but that was about it.

Henrique is warned

Rémoise Obstacles for cutting transitions.

It’s rather a plan

It’s a midfield game, and maybe he should have been in the multiplex …

Kebal opposes at the limit

This is the first excellent collective movement from Remoin, but Mendes appears to tackle in front of the former Lyon (La Ducher).

OL is not disturbed by the expulsion of the coach

Lyone remains dominant and seeks to bring more movement in front of the box. The center has been countered so far and is the last pass I missed.

The boss has been banished!

The Dutch coach hasn’t taken off since Caqueret’s yellow color.

Abdel Hamid is on the receiving side of the free kick

The ball came from behind and the Lance defender couldn’t give enough power. It’s in Lopez’s arms.

Kakelet will be warned

Duel high sole.

Paqueta often fights in the middle

He throws Dembele deeply, but the Lyon striker can’t get through the defenders. The office lady has ownership and should now be more dangerous.

A little panic in the Reims area

After being handed over from Aouar, the defense was unable to escape, but Lyon was unable to create a shooting situation.

OL stepped into the ball

As for rhythm, however, it’s still a midfield game.

This first one-fifteenth hour little rhythm

After the mid-air collision between Munetsi and Kadewere, a Lance trainer is intervening.

Our attacks are repelled by the defenders!

Finally, the acceleration of Lyon. Toko Ekambi who carries the ball to all axes and shifts Gusto across the hour at a distant post. Defenders of Reims throw themselves.

First shot of a Lyon match

Paqueta is on the second ball after clearance from behind. Brazilians are trying their luck from afar, but it’s almost lacking. There is no danger.

OLs are struggling to revive in these first few minutes

Lyone rarely joined the opposite camp.

Konan is having fun on the side

The left side of the lance eliminates Gusto and Kadewere when accelerating. His centre-back is pushed back by Mendes.

Alright, let’s go !

Kick-off given by OL in black.

Two teams arrive on the grass

Delone Stadium is full.

Berisha returned from injury

Kosovo (and Norway) International returns to the League One turf.

Lance: Rajkovic-Bushi, Phase, Abdelhamid, Conan-Munetsy-Foke, Kebal, Matsushiwa, Belisha-Hornby.

Replacement: Diouf, Locko, Lopy, Flips, Mbuku, Cassama, M. Doumbia, K. Doumbia, Van Bergen.

A slightly improved OL

Bosz manages everyone’s game time a bit. Therefore, Gusto, Henrique, Aouar, and Kadewere are still alive today.

Lions: Lopes-Gusto, Mendes, Lukeba, Henrique-Caqueret, Aouar-Kadewere, Paqueta, Toko Ekambi-Dembélé.

Replacement: Pollerbeck, Da Silva, Denayer, Dubois, Emerson, Ndombele, Reine-Adélaïde, Barcola.

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After playing in the Europa League quarter-finals against Porto on Thursday, Lyon wants to renew in League One to prevent it from being dropped. As part of that, Reims lives at the end of the season with a soft belly anonymity far from Europe and far from maintaining, but can be made more beautiful by applying some good performances. increase.