Olivier Giroud-Karim Benzema, Fate Crossed / International / France / March 20, 2022 /SOFOOT.com

Karim Benzema, who was injured in the calf, withdrew for the next two games of the French team scheduled for March 25 and 29 between Côte d’Ivoire and South Africa. As a result, Didier Deschamps decided to remember Olivier Giroud, who hadn’t wandered the Hall of Claire Fontaine since the euro last summer, despite a major performance at AC Milan. Crossover characteristics of the trajectories of the two protagonists with the blues since 2015: When one smiles, the other spits.

It looks like an endless game of musical chairs. As if there couldn’t be room for two attackers of their caliber. On March 14, Karim Benzema, who was injured in the calf during the last few minutes with Mallorca, saw his presence at the next rally of the French team jeopardized. And if Didier Deschamps first summoned a Real Madrid striker, he had to finally face the facts when the KB9 package was formalized this Saturday at noon. Instead of him, DD may have come up with several names like Nabil Fekir, Anthony Martial, Ousmane Dembele, and even Marcus Thuram. However, loyal to his practicalism, replacing one player from the same position with another, and recognizing Olivier Giroud’s months of performance, Bruce’s coach was absent from the group from July. I decided to call the AC Milan striker in 2021. A new crossover between two of the three best active scorers on the French team. It’s as if their destiny intersects and is linked.

To you to me

It’s very easy. Since 2015, it’s rare to see a man in a blue jersey with him. on the one hand, KB new Giroud has briefly picked out collateral victims to explain the EDF blunder in the euro since last summer, but Giroud was left behind until May 2021 due to the sex tape incident. The two lived together in the European Championship, Giroud only played both ends of the match (replaced the Madridlenians twice), but Benz found the net four times.

In particular, Deschamps couldn’t find a system where the two scorers could co-exist, but each shined and shined with another star in the group (Antoine Griez, the culmination of Euro 2016 and Cup World Cup 2018). Giroud with Mann, Benzema and those who survived the final four of the Kylian Mbappel League of Nations). KB9 has evolved as a candidate for Ballon d’Or for months, and it’s hard to imagine Giroud coming back, even if Deschamps beats him not to close the door. “He is clearly selectable and remains available to the French team, as he knows.I remembered Bruce’s coach at a press conference on Thursday. It’s not a matter of luck. It’s working for him, he scores important goals, I’m happy with him. Good for his club. Then I have the option to make. I know what Olivier could do with us. »» The promise is kept, Giroud is back and there is no dispute.

Work is not over

But in blue, especially after the euro spent warming up the bench, especially because of his situation at the club (playing time at Chelsea was very limited and he moved to Milan during the summer transfer). Olivier Giroud’s career seems to be over. Claim in his favor. But once again, Chamberien silenced critics with his birth, reminding him that he is an insurmountable, world-class striker. 11 goals and 3 assists, including a new goal this Saturday to bring victory to Milan on Cagliari’s lawn-since the start of the season MilanThe owner’s status, scraped as a boss label that can distinguish himself among the big posters (Serie A scorers against Rome, Inter, Naples and even Lazio in the cup). Therefore, at the age of 35, those with a selection of 110 will always focus and experience a new episode of blue on Thierry Henry’s goal record (51 pawns, Giroud’s 46 pawns) and enter French history a little more. increase. team. Before the new crossover with Karim Benzema in the next rally?

By Fabien Gelinat