Olympic swordfighter, Starseed handball player … Sports weekend in Ile de France

Before each weekend, Le Parisien offers a selection of issues and events not to be missed in Ile de France. This is the poster between the two presidential rounds, where to go, and what makes this sports weekend (excluding football) unique.

Where it should be: Pierre de Coubertin Stadium

fencing. After the foil CIP was contested in January, the room where PSG handball players play regularly finds fencing again with the traditional challenge monal. Since 1938, this tournament, where swordfighters fight each other, is the French and, of course, the individual Olympic champion and the number one in the world today.

Beyond the fame of victory, the Challenge Monal, which presents individual tournaments (Saturday 9:30 am) and teams (Sunday 7:30 am), is also an important sporting event. The Paris conference is certainly the fourth of six selective events, the European Championships in Antalya, Turkey (17-22 June) and the World Championships in Cairo (15-24 July). increase.

Viewer: Vincent Collet

basketball. It’s the season, a special meeting of the season. Saturday’s trip from Boulogne Levalois to Strasbourg is a sporting clash between the two teams from the top eight of the championship and the revenge of the Alsatian-winning Coupe de France quarterfinals at the end of March. For the first time, Vincent Colette has the opportunity to return to the floor of the club he branded with hot irons. Strathbourg is an integral part of the life of a metropolitan coach, and vice versa.

Bruce coaches have been actively involved in the development of the Alsace Club for almost nine seasons (2011-January 2020). He won two Leaders Cups (2015 and 2019) and the Coupe de France (2018). During his tenure, he will reach the EuroCup (C2) final in 2018, five times the final of the French Championship from 2013 to 2017. French club and friends by Vincent Colette. There was a lot of joy, but also frustration. No one has forgotten what he achieved there. »»

This match will also be the final weight test before the Euro Cup knockout round on Wednesday with a Venetian Italian in Levalois.

Don’t miss the tournament: Tiby

handball. Big players disagree in a friendly match against Spain, but this Saturday at Chambéry (9:05 pm), a young handball player from the French U21 team repeats the range at the Pierre Tea Beat Tournament in Seri (Seine-et-Marne). .. ). After this Thursday’s results (France-Norway 36-30 and Denmark-Egypt 30-32), two matches will be played in the program this Saturday. Denmark-Norway (Small Final, 4 pm) and Grand Final between France and Egypt. (6 pm)

The event will bring together several national youth teams over the years and meet within a few years. There are countless very good players, including Fabregas, Descat, Gerard, Mahe, Porto, Prandy, and many others on the French side. Gensheimer, Hansen, Sagosen For foreigners. Many Ile-de-France residents (mainly from PSG, but also from Evely, Créteil and Massy) will keep the color of the French team led by Johanne Latre this Saturday.

Future Challenges: Spartan Race

Spartan Race, the world leader in obstacle racing, is back in Stade France for the first time in three years. Throughout this mysterious stadium span, hundreds of athletes from all disciplines will challenge the 5km and 20 obstacles of the Stadion format. It will be a problem of crawling under barbed wire, climbing fences, or jumping over burning obstacles …

A small peculiarity of this return: The event is also open to children over the age of 4 and has an age-appropriate race format. Opportunity for parents to come and participate with their children. Thanks to the hurricane heat, team sports enthusiasts also have their own format. The purpose of the hurricane heat is to respond to the instructions of the team instructor for 4 hours. We promise a military atmosphere for your loved ones.

Poster: Nanterre-Le Mans

basketball. This is the last straight line. Anything that can eliminate all the work of the season or, conversely, lead to success. Within 6 days, the regular season of Betclic Elite will be judged. That way, you’ll know if Nanterre was able to win the sesame seeds in the final stages. Pascal Donadue’s band welcomes Le Mans, so we need to know a little more this weekend (8 pm, Sportpalast Marcel Cerdan). One direct opponent in the playoffs foldable seat.

The two teams are currently on the same balance sheet (15 V, 13 D), sharing 8th place, which is synonymous with the final stage. However, Manso, the winner of the first leg (86-75), has a positive point average. So if Adam Mokoka’s partners win more than 12 points this Saturday, they can confirm their current return and take an important step towards Grand Eight at the end of the season.

Female team to follow: Paris 92

handball. Due to the international competition, there will be no men’s competition this weekend. The Butagaz League Championship is scheduled before the French team begins their training course at the Maison du Handball this Monday. This is an opportunity for a girl in Paris 92 to take third place in the rankings this Sunday, behind the unruly Mescine and Brestwards.

In contrast to Fleury Loire, Laura Flippes’ teammates returning to the French group need to be aware of the red lanterns. A month ago, Paris 92 was actually surprised by the same opponent on the floor in the Coupe de France quarterfinals, despite thunder at the end of the game (34-35). Yasin Mesaudi players have a month to prepare for the double confrontation between Brest and Mets.


baseball. Division 1 (Day 2, Sunday, 11:00 am and 2:00 pm): PUC-SAVIGNY-SUR-ORGE; Stud to Luzan-Senat.

basketball. Betclic Elite (Day 29). Strathbourg-BOULOGNE-LEVALLOIS (Saturday, 6 pm); Nanterre-Le Mans (Saturday, 8 pm, Marcel Cerdan Sports Hall); ASVEL-PARIS (Saturday, 8 pm).

fencing. Monal Challenge Men’s Epe (Pierre de Coubertin Stadium, 16th arrondissement of Paris). Individual sports (Saturday, 9:30 am, 64 tables) and teams (Sunday, 7:30 am, 64 tables as needed).

handball.. Tea Beat Tournament at Seri (Ollympe de Gouge Gymnasium): Denmark-Norway (small final, Saturday, 4 pm), followed by France-Egypt (final, Saturday, 6 pm). Women’s Division 1 (Day 22). Paris 92-Fleury (Sunday, 5 pm, Charpentier Sports Hall in Issie).

volleyball. League A, playdown (Day 3): LE PLESSIS-ROBINSON-Toulouse (7 pm, omni sports area).

rugby.European Cup (Return of 16 rounds): Racing-Stade Francais (Sunday, 4:30 pm, Paris La Defense Arena). Nationwide (Day 24): MASSY-Chambury (Friday, 7:30 pm, Jules Ladumeg Stadium); Dijon-Suresnes (Saturday, 6 pm).