Olympic torch passes through Hautes-Pyrenees

After a long hesitation, Michelle Perrieru announced that he hopes the Olympic torch will pass through Hautes-Pyrenees, Sports Factory and Pic du Midi, despite the fairly high cost.

Department Dean Michel Pélieu is constantly striving to promote his territory. As another president said, no matter what the cost of the republic is … because the “right of way” is a bit exorbitant: € 180,000! Before signing the check, he understands the hesitation well … “But I was able to negotiate with the CNOSF, so the payments will be spread over three years, so we should be able to absorb it. is.”

Great sports festival

Therefore, it was at the inauguration of the Arsenal Sports Factory that Michelle Perrieru revealed his decision. “The pride of the TLP agglomeration community that carried it in hopes of it tells me that the Olympic torch needs to pass here. In addition, the city of Tarbes is with the Earth in Paris. It’s called. The 2024 Games. I hope this passage of the Olympic torch will be a great event. I’m not desperate to raise it to Picdu Midi, and in a sense, the torch is the entire department, and even more. Makes it brighter than that .. The Olympic torch is a global event and there is a way to put a big spotlight on our department. “

And to explain that he wants to make it a big sports party. “I believe we can collect the top athletes we have, not only for all Olympic champions, but also for non-Olympic fields. And here at Pic du Midi, or Gala Nights. Sports Factory, the Olympic Preparation Center? ”Certainly … the passage of flames is more or less planned for 2023, so it leaves a little time to refine the event. As Pierre de Coubertin’s motto says, the main thing is to participate, but if you can do it in a better way …

Single room

In europe

During the inauguration, Gérard Trémège undoubtedly did not hide his satisfaction due to the past transitions the project experienced. “But now it works. It’s an extraordinary piece of equipment. It has a surface area of ​​11,000 m2, has three large poles, one is dedicated to mountaineering and wanted to be very versatile. There is the only wall in France at 20 meters, a pole reserved for athletics that authorizes all fields, and a third pole for team sports.

Olympic venue

And it works, hands, badminton, basketball, multiple demonstrations of pole vault, for a long time we have passed and, if necessary, hundreds of guests, elected officers and officer athletes (President of French Athletics). André Giraud) …

Carole Delga, president of the Occitanie region (donating 1.3 million euros out of a total budget of 10.2 million euros), said, “This will allow all athletes, from amateurs to Olympic champions, to practice and train, giving Tarbes a notoriety in Europe. I praised the site .. “.

Even around the world, as Gérard Trémège reminded us, Sports Factory is accredited as an “Olympic preparation center”.