OM 2-1 Nice: Olympic athlete hotscore-season


Santos da Silva

7.5 7.5

He is in charge of the left lane at the kickoff, with the help of Pape Gueye, more axial and sometimes Payet. Good defensive return for 37 days. He is the author of the beautiful menarche. Second in the middle of him. A real Garson standing on the grass tonight, a spectacular decisive passerby in Bakambu in 89 minutes.

Boo Baka

7.0 7.0

Arranged along the axis of one-to-one defense, it begins with a great opening under (5th). The quality of his passing allows him to make recovery more direct. Calm and solid, Minott succeeded in his match in the defense of Olympia.



6.5 6.5

He looks a little less than usual in the first place, but he’s still fighting as much. A great pass for Piet (40th) to loosen his shot while Under was launched deeply, the other was mostly stride, which I missed this time. When the recovery rate is low, he maintains his rank in the middle. Shot above 80 days.


6.5 6.5

The Senegalese, the defensive midfielder on the left, had his physique spoken in the first 15 minutes. After that, he hits a lot of balls. A powerful strike from the left on the 54th, which is difficult for Benitez to control. A good game in the middle.


6.5 6.5

A good opening for Milik (12th) with a long clearance at his feet. He will occupy the center from Bird on the 21st. You can count on him when you return. It’s a very nice stop on the 60th. A wonderful parade in front of Delort (70th) who saves the team.


6.5 6.5

It was successfully launched with a long clearance from Lopez, but was caught by Todibo (12th). The shot was crushed too after 15 minutes. He does not tremble with the penalty incurred by Under (44). After that, he was hardly found. He was replaced by Kolasinatsu (77th).


6.5 6.5

When he recovered in front of the defense, he was reluctant to push very high at the beginning of the game. He puts a lot of energy into the game, scrapes the ball off and makes a successful transition.


6.5 6.5

To the right of the three defenses, he is solid in a duel at the start of the game. Ronnier’s (24th) pass is uncertain, but he’s far behind. His head of a free kick from Payet is pushed back by Benitez (26th). There are many duels that the Defenders have often negotiated tonight.

Carreta car

6.0 6.0

He tried to recover in the area, but was removed too (7th). He holds his rank without any problems in his first period. He warned on the 59th with a slightly higher foot on a sliding tackle.


6.0 6.0

A stunning big bridge on the surface of the 18th. A good free kick to find Saliba’s head a little later. Strike from the upper right, water entrance (38th). On the 40th, he completely loosens the shot with a back pass from Guendouzi. He makes himself available later, even if he doesn’t succeed at all.



He came back in the 87th minute and scored in a header that wasn’t completely crossed two minutes later. What more?



He enters Milik’s place on the 77th. Author of one or two excellent defensive interventions.



5.5 5.5

Good dribble for birds in 6 minutes. He tries to add depth to the attack, even if he doesn’t succeed at all. He was penalized on the 44th and was defeated by Todibo. Second, he always tries to attack, but his attacks are sometimes awkward. He gives way to Harit on the 74th.



He returned in the 87th minute and put himself in central defense.




He will replace Under on the 70th. He ruins a good attack on the 75th.

Comment: JA

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Ten : An extraordinary game! This memo pays homage to the extraordinary game.
9 : Sensational game. Players brought as much as they could to the team.
8 : A very good game! The player clearly contributed to the fate of the meeting.
7 : Good game! The player did the job.
6 : Honest match on the player side.
Five : The average match on the player side, it’s a matter of raising his level.
Four : Sterilized match. This is clearly inadequate.
3 : A bad match from a player who didn’t help your partner.
2 : Very bad game. Players aren’t just missing out.
1 : The player’s match is horrifying.
0 : The player’s match is miserable. Everything is said!