OM controls the ball, Nice turns his back

Under takes his chance

Pulled away from the dangerous ball, Cengiz Ünder seized the opportunity at 35 meters, but not enough power. It was still assembled!

Lots of whistles

The more the referee whistles, the more commitment the field has! Caletaker fouls Stengs and chases the referee.

Delort is invisible

Andy Delort struggled to be present in these first few minutes and was trapped in Gueye and Kamala!

Great opportunity for Saliba!

Paiette’s free kick that found Saliba with a header! He blames his attempt and Benitez draws a great save. Milik throws himself to draw a conclusion, but he’s too short!

Recovery of strength!

A super overflow, Stengs from Melvin Bard, who is very strongly concentrated behind and halfway, appears and places a flying volley!

Stretch on the lawn

Thuram remains on the ground after a blow with the hand of Longer, who was guarding the ball. The referee whistles, the public clearly disagrees!

Great learning from Marseille

OM players have a very serious look and are very confident in their game! Now we have to find Milik!

Gouiri remains on the ground

There was a big impact between Saliba and Gouiri in the duel in the air, and the Nice striker was bleeding! The game has been canceled and international hope must be played blindfolded.

Milik wasn’t too far away!

It’s a super deep ball for Milik who took out the rod, but Todibo took over and cleared it in a disaster!

Rosary’s mistake to recover!

Rosario returns the ball to the axis as he sees the ball return to a powerful cross! Todibo is too short, but Rosario throws himself and stops trying!

Nice does not touch the ball

Jorge Sampaoli players spin the ball, but move forward! Jengiz Under tries to overtake Bird, but gets caught!

Great Marseille pressure

OM put a lot of pressure in front of the Nice area and successfully participated in this match! The Piette corner gives nothing in the end!

Marseille-Nice kick off!

And let’s go to this Marseille-Like!

Indochina singer for a fictional kickoff

And I feel better again

Player entrance on the lawn

The atmosphere is boiling

2nd place mission

Renne took advantage of the weekend to put Nice and Marseille two points behind, at least temporarily in second place.

Delort and Gouiri lead Nice attack

Dolberg and Kluivert start on the bench and Dante is interrupted after a red card with Montpellier.

Nice composition: Benitez-Rotomba, Todivo, Rosary, Bird-Stengs, Remina, Schneiderlin, Thuram-Derol, Gouiri.

OM with Payet, Milik, Ünder

Captain Payet evolves behind Milik. Bakambu, Harit and Kolasinatsu are on the bench.

OM configuration: Pau Lopez-Saliba, Kamala, Caleta-Car-Under, Longer, Guendou, Guendouzi, Payet, Gerson-Milik.

The atmosphere around Velodrome is boiling

Large atmosphere within 2 hours from kick-off. Montmirail’s Dufort Square (the front door of the Velodrome) is already crowded with smoke grenades, firecrackers and fireworks from mid-afternoon.

Nice people supporting the team

Traveling to Velodrome was banned, but Jim’s supporters wanted to show support for the team in a championship clash with OM.

Winners will be second in League 1 alone

If one of the two teams wins the Vélodrome on Sunday night, it will be second in the championship, ahead of Paris Saint-Germain and Rennes.

Large security device

Seven months after the incident on the Allianz Riviera, when supporters entered the grass to fight Marseille players, a specific security device was installed for a return match at Velodrome on Sunday night. According to our information, 1,220 people in charge of security and reception will attend the stadium: 866 security agents, 247 reception agents and 107 hostesses. A device that the police must add to the outside.

Kick off at 8:45 pm

Olympique de Marseille will host OGC Nice at Stud Velodrome this Sunday at 8:45 pm. Prior to this day, an important meeting between the two teams in League One, 2nd and 3rd, was held at the same point.