OM: “If Sampaoli hired him in the transfer window, OM would have changed their system!”-Interview

It is no exaggeration to say that the content of the last match of OM did not please Marseille fans. With the exception of OM-Angers (5-2), there was no clear success if the Marseille club could boast of passing the final score of 6-1 in two games against Karabakh.Therefore, the atmosphere was not one of the compliments of the set Marseille Bend You can find the following replays.What’s happening on the ground, it challenges Roland Kurbis where Eric Di MecoBut what happens after the match represented by the journalistRMC sports Florent Jermaine : “The coach pays a lot of attention to how he analyzes his meeting. It may be an aspect of journalism. And in some games you will find that Sampaoli is no longer there. You match I can’t tell Troy that I’ve mastered. It’s unlucky to score a goal from you in the end (Sampaoli’s remarks can be found in the video, editor’s note), as I heard in Azerbaijan. Not. That’s wrong. ”

“Some players speak soccer with Longoria.”

Apologies are also attractive. Why complain about a long trip to the Europa League to bring in players who don’t play (Garson, Kolasinatsu, Milik)? If he doesn’t have the answer, all the same thing that this means giving Sampaoli his team at the same time as his group traveling, all journalists note in the same way: “I’m sorry if it’s the Europa League, but Sampaoli isn’t spinning very much. Only a handful of players understand that it doesn’t fit his plan.”.. Meanwhile, OM can rely on President Pablo Longoria to maintain their concerns. Therefore, he talks to the player when he talks to Sampaoli to stay in touch. Florent Jermaine again: “He does it, but he doesn’t mean to say it. The players trust Pablo Longoria. A year and a half ago, Jacques Henri Eiro was almost banned from the locker room and some The statement didn’t go through, and they didn’t. “He couldn’t find any football support. Some players are talking about football with Longoria, while others are talking about football with Sampaoli. After that, he doesn’t intend to intervene in the lineup, but Longoria, along with Milik and Alvaro, a little tough player will surely reassure them. He likes this relationship with the players, he’s about their age. ”

“Sampaoli does not trust Kolasinatsu”

Jorge Sampaoli and Pablo Longoria also talk about tactical plans. The president knows that his coach likes it much more. To put it mildly, it’s a controlled victory at Lens (0-2) rather than an unbalanced attack festival (5-2) against Angers. In one case, Paiette was playing as a fake No. 9, while in another case he was in the tenth position behind two attackers, Bakambu and Milik. In the last two games he chose the first option, even if it meant playing few Polish strikers (thirteen minutes played by the person who scored six goals in the OM in 2022). But Jorge Sampaoli knows how to plan with Payette and Milik. He did it last season at 5-3-2 when the two players started to build a good bond. Would you like to try this season as well?for Florent Germain with Pablo Longoria ignites this Tuesday in RotenThe description should be found in the last transfer window: “Sampaoli isn’t completely confident in his full back this season, but when he takes Tagliafico to the transfer window this winter, he changes the system. With the arrival of Kolasinatsu, he’s making ends meet, but he’s confident. No .. Pol Lirola, it’s not working so far. If this season’s fullback is very strong, he’s back in the system with a strong fullback since last year, Mirik attacks and Peyer is right behind. “.. The two players who played this role last year are Pol Lirola and Luis Enrique, so they are still in the club. And in fact, during the presentation of Sead KolaĊĦinac, Sampaoli slipped that he would prefer to hire an Ajax player he already had under his orders in the Argentine selection.You can find everything Marseille Bend under.