Omnisports: Gala Dinner at the Amiens Metropole Sport Trophy

After two years of absence, many personalities and athletes attended the Amiens Metropole Sports Trophy Ceremony at Bodega in Stud Credia Glycol La Ricorne this Wednesday.

Provided by Guillaume du FlotVice President of Sports Amiens Metropole, and Daniel Relieu, Sports Metropolitan Councilor, this ceremony brought together hundreds of people who came to end the glorious season experienced by Amiens athletes. This year, everyone should remember historic mountaineering, national and international titles, and many performances. 2021-202 season He also made known revelations, such as discovering great wealth from the perspective of young sports aspirants.

There are a lot of jobs that I could count in you at this ceremony.

Charifas Lemesle

As his award Amiens Metropole SportsGolf course member golfer Belle-Dune Charifas Lemesle I wanted to greet all the candidates and look back on his career in sports. ” Congratulations to all who have been nominated for the various awards announced. I have been able to play many sports in my life, especially team sports like handball and soccer. It was all these sports that made me go to golf. What is it about joining a group in a personal sport? »»

The golfer also wants to return to her recent choice for the French women’s team. Spain International Happened in March of last year.. “” It is also a great honor for me to be one of the members of the French Team Trip among the six athletes selected for the European Women’s Championship. There are a lot of jobs that I could count in you tonight. »»

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With a smile, Charifas Lemesle said, ” I am very honored Of the award she received from Alan Guest.

Another celebrity who attended the ceremony, MMA World Champion Valérie Fofou-Hilaire He was with the trainer and wanted to thank Metropolis for the honorary award he received from the director of the sports division. Dominique Georges.. “” Thanks to Amiens Métropole for awarding this award. Whether it’s standing work or on the ground, it’s a lot of work to achieve the titles you’ve won in Rome. I continue to win the title and continue to work to conquer the UFC in the United States. »»

About the performance of his fighter, trainer Iboutraole Looking back on these preparation moments they could have, especially with the help of Frederick BurgoinTechnical director Budosport80 Jiu-Jitsu expert. “” Thanks to the contribution of Mr. Burgoin who trained with me More than onces, we were able to regain this title with course and rigor.I would like to look at the accompaniment of young people I think it is indispensable for the development of the club EIAMY with the help of my assistant Sergeria.. »»

I would like to continue working with Valerie (Fofou) on various aspects of martial arts, working on one of her greatest qualities, the entire foot / fist part... The locomotive is now on sale. Wagons need to be added in stages to reach the development of this practice so that it can be offered to the youngest. »»

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In her future project, Valérie Fofou wants to focus her discipline on young people who want to practice martial arts.

price Crash 2022 Awarded to the club Femina sports gymnastics For his excellent overall results at the UFOLEP competition and his constant commitment to all promotion of sport and its value. The president spoke on stage, paying homage to the performance of her young gymnast and was deeply involved in discipline and club development throughout the season.

Volunteers committed to their mission

For the promotion of sports in Picardi, Faithful Amiens Volunteer Jean-Claude Pieri This time, Metropole commended us for our long-standing volunteer investment.He wanted to rethink his commitment with the association Promotional Sports Picardi And thank you Amiens Metropolis For this praise. “” We have been hosting the Battle of the Somme, the Jean Renault Awards, and the Somme 100km Marathon with the Association since 2012. »»

“” I have to say that I enjoyed making a lot of investment in this organization, but I think I will probably take over for a while. Added Jean-Claude Pieri. “” I would like to emphasize that it is impossible to provide a stable organization within an event without volunteers. I am very proud to have won this award. I would also like to thank everyone who has trusted me for the last few years. »»

Whatever our handicap is, it’s not a barrier to practicing sports.

Joseph Mubongo – President of Handy Sports Amiens Metropole

Among the other personalities involved in their mission, President of Handisport Amiens Métropole Joseph Mbongo We thank the institutions that have won the 2022 Handy Sports and Adaptation Sports Award and are working for the good development of the Sports Association for the Disabled. “” Thanks to the Somme and Amiens Metropole Division Councils. Thanks to all the athletes who attended tonight, and not because you made us alive in this adventure. »»

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    Jean-Claude Pieri
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    Joseph Mubongo

“I am very happy to be able to participate in these solidarity projects. Joseph Mubongo goes on to Sports for everyone.. Fighting everyday inequality and discrimination is essential and I thank the people who work with me in this fight. Whatever our handicap is, it’s not a barrier to practicing sports. It is imperative that everyone be able to provide the opportunity to play sports. »»

Among the winners tonight, Amiens Metropolis Swimming Emmaterebo Winner of the award for the best performance of the season.She was awarded for her title 100m and 200m French Champion And his 5th in the world championship.. The president, management, and club partners also attended the stage with him.

Two historic climbs in 2022

For the Team of the Season Awards RCA rugby With ESC Long O Selected for each promotion to the top category.

It’s touching to think that it was the club’s two kids who scored the last 7 points of the match.

Martin Saleille – RCA Rugby Coach

the Rugby club amiens Caused a sensation in the historic rise of Federal government 2 In the last second.It’s here Climbing for the first time in 3 years There is no doubt that what the Amiens Club knew remained within the framework of the Martin Saleille I sent his thanks to all the staff and players who haven’t stopped fighting to access this climb. “” During the season, players did not give up and worked until the end of the season. This allowed us to access the Federal 2 rise against Maisons-Laffit in the last second. »»

The coach looks back on the last match of the season at Federal 3. Timothy Gentien and Clement Bamiere We have provided this historic climb to their favorite club. “” It’s touching to think that it was the club’s two kids who scored the last 7 points of the match. We have great expectations for next year and want to offer the best possible season to everyone who follows us. Thank you to everyone who participated in this beautiful sports project that we were able to experience together this season. »»

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    Martin Saleilles and his president Joel Nayette
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    Sébastien Leraillé seemed very impressed on the stage of the Amiens Sports Trophy

On the side of ESC Long OTheir distinction is due to them 1st place in Regional 1Synonymous with rising National 3.. This is a historic moment for clubs who have never known the national level. Exists during tonight, Former coach of ESC Londongueau Sebastien Leraillé Looks very emotional on stage due to farewell to the club 5 years as a coach.. He wanted to thank the club, its leaders, its staff, and the players for this wonderful adventure.

“” ESC Ronjo is a club with a lot of volunteers. Volunteers are essential in our association, and without them we wouldn’t have anything, so I would like to emphasize this. There are still 10 people who have traveled with us in each away game. I would like to thank them.

Before becoming a club, I was a family who could live for 5 years, but now I am very impressed to be able to turn pages and take over. Thanks to all the players, staff, leaders and volunteers for the trust I have given over the last five years. »»

Finally, regarding the category of collective performance RC Saruel He was selected as the Amiens Metropole for his excellent career at the Coupe de France, where the club reached its 32nd final last November. The club received this award from Mayor Saruel Frank Daragon. In addition, football won the 2022 Sports School Award. Noureddine Elhadjaoui When Farid BrassfromSports Direction Football School (North Sector) For participating as a sports educator in promoting educational projects for young people.

Matthew Tourbia

Photo by: Kevin Devigne – Gazette Sports