On the campus of the new Toulouse Business School, the Compans-Caffarelli district is afraid of suffocation

Toulouse Business School (TBS) will pay € 14.4 million to set up a new campus in place of a small sports hall. Residents and athletes are worried.

“It’s a huge building that needs to be built. And we have the impression that we don’t have an overall city vision. We have where we are heading, and we will be this in the future. I just want to know how to live in space. Don’t hide his concerns about building a new campus for Toulouse Business School (TBS) instead of a small sports hall in the heart of the Compans-Caffarelli district. Please. “We do not approve the project, but above all, we are afraid of what will happen around the project. There are already future high schools, bus stops, Sebastopol Boulevard to be set up nearby, Europe The square is full of new construction. After all, thousands of people will pass by in this sector without considering general traffic and pedestrian plans. “Therefore, sandwiched between Marquette Boulevard and Sports Boulevard. The future campus of TBS has not been unanimous.

Building permit must be verified in May

“We can take into account general interests and intend to provide a public place for the private sector when we have the opportunity to make Venonat a real neighborhood like never before since its inception. I failed. ”, I regret the resident. Even if TBS management plays a consultation card. “It’s really a campus open to the neighborhood. When the project started, the Chamber of Commerce (CCI) in Toulouse, where the business school is a subsidiary, explained. The first version envisioned by the building firm Huet-Cardète was Planned to make the reconstructed semi-buried gymnasium, exhibition and conference space, cyberspace, library media library available to residents. School Startup Incubator (TBSeeds), FabLab, Coworking Space … but the design of the building was taken over by the internationally renowned Portuguese company Aire Mateus, without knowing if these provisions were always in effect.
In the meantime, even if the municipality plans to move basketball to the Leola Grande Gymnasium, professional and amateur sports clubs and schools using Petit Palade Sports are not relieved (see Opposite). For the time being, no building permit has been issued for the new campus. According to the municipality, this should be the case during May after the approval of the Security and Accessibility Commission. This will result in the sale of land recovering € 14.4 million. At Capitol, you protect yourself from improvisation. “Consistent research on the development of this large area of ​​San Sernan in Bruardel, as in other areas, is carried out internally and is a perpetual community with a broad vision and consistent aspects of urban development. I’m demonstrating my will. ” See you in 2026 … for the inauguration.

A project worth 110 million euros

The Toulouse Business School (TBS), now located in Boulevard Lacrosse and Place Alphonse Jules Dane, has long sought a solution to attract 6,000 students on one site. This includes students with a bachelor’s degree. Quint-Fonsegrives Entiore remote site. After considering settling in Jolimont, we are now ready to extend to the Compans-Caffarelli site. This project was designed by the Portuguese architectural firm Aire Mateus. It offers a total surface area of ​​32,000 m2 over 7 floors with a rectangular building, staged on a scalable height and terrace, and is optimally integrated into areas where the PLU limits the height of the building to 35 meters. The investment is estimated to be € 110 million by 2026. To carry out this project, Toulouse CCI has decided to increase the capital of the EESC (Consulate Higher Education Institution) by € 27 million.