Opponent Alexei Navalny was sentenced to nine years in prison for “fraud” and “contempt of court”

Alexei Navalny has already been imprisoned in Russia for over a year.

A Russian judge sentenced Alexei Nawarny to nine years in a harsh colony on Tuesday, further exacerbating the crackdown on the Kremlin’s main enemy during an attack in Ukraine. ..

Russian forces are strengthening their legal weapons in all directions to curb criticism of power. The final example is the adoption of a law on Tuesday that provides for strong sanctions to punish “false information” about the actions of Russian institutions abroad.

“Hard diet” colony

The nine-year detention sentence sentenced to his opponent includes the year of prison where he revoked, replaced, and was already in prison for two and a half years in prison. Alexei Navalny, who had been imprisoned for fraud in early 2021, was now convicted of “fraud” and “insult of a justice of the peace.”

Except for the unlikely victory in the appeal, he is far more than a “severe regime” colony, an isolated place, and a so-called “general” colony like Pokrov where he is currently imprisoned. You will have to be detained under harsh conditions.

In the walls of this prison camp, 100 km from Moscow, opponents were tried in an improvised court from mid-February.

“Putin is afraid of the truth, I always say so. The fight against censorship that brings the truth to the Russian people remains our priority,” according to a message posted on his Twitter account. He said after the decision.

His lawyer was arrested

A charismatic 45-year-old anti-corruption activist appeared at a hearing on Tuesday, with a lawyer, wearing a prisoner’s outfit and fading his face. After the verdict, the latter was temporarily arrested when he left prison, AFP journalists said on the spot. Their arrest occurred after police told them to leave the street they were talking to the media.

About 100 journalists were able to participate in a video broadcast of a hearing in a room set up in a criminal colony. Only one supporter of the opponent was demonstrating in front of the prison.

“Navalny is a hero (…) people are at home, they are afraid,” commented the latter, Leonid Banionis.

In a case ruled on Tuesday, Alexei Navalny embezzled millions of rubles in a donation to his anti-corruption organization and was accused of “contempt of court” in a previous trial.

Louis claims that these accusations were adjusted by the Kremlin to keep him in prison for as long as possible.

Alexei Navalny, famous for his research on elite corruption, has been suffering from power oppression for over two years. In August 2020, he became seriously ill and was a victim of nerve agent poisoning sponsored by the Russian President. The Kremlin has denied this, but Russian authorities have never investigated the alleged attempted assassination.

When he returned to Russia in January 2021, he was arrested and sentenced to two and a half years in prison for a “fraud” involving the French company Yves Rocher, dating back to 2014 after a five-month recovery period. rice field.

In June 2021, his organization was designated as a “radical” and banned, expelling many activists. Others have been arrested and face heavy imprisonment.

Opposite to the Ukrainian conflict

This relentless crackdown was accompanied by a ban on the last media and NGOs critical of the Kremlin. Therefore, on Tuesday, the Russian Supreme Court dismissed the request to suspend the dissolution of the NGO Memorial under the order of the European Court of Human Rights and confirmed the dismantling of the pillars of this society.

From his penal colony, Alexei Navalny continues to send messages condemning the power of Vladimir Putin and the attack in Ukraine.

He continued to call for protests against the conflict, despite the risks involved, and authorities sentenced him to heavy imprisonment and further strengthened his legal arsenal to silence criticism of the Russian army.

At the same time, the government has cracked down on the dissemination of information, blocking access to dozens of media and several foreign social networks in Russia.