Orleans at the rendezvous of the “completely underway” French volleyball team

Due to international circumstances, this conference will not be held in Ukraine as originally planned. Therefore, we had to improvise and hurry to rethink the tournament end calendar …

Eric, why did you plan this fallback at Loire?

The city of Orleans contacted me through sports assistant Thomas Renault. Orleans is an aggressive city About volleyball, especially women’s volleyball. Last July, our French woman had already come to a training camp in Orleans. Friendly matches against the Netherlands are supported, and today it is all combined with the municipal goal of establishing a large professional club. I’m logically back here.

If all clubs were supported like Orleans, everything would be great.

What can you say about the blues?

We are talking about a French team that has grown for five years since launching the “Generation 2024” project. When I arrived at the head of the federation, Tricolor was ranked 55th in the world in 2015, but did not participate in important competitions due to the strategic choice for men at the time. Since then, the selection has gone up to two categories, and today it ranks 23rd in the world, with results at the international level, including: Advance to the quarterfinals at the last European Championship. We continue to dominate this Golden League 2022 for the time being. My goal is, Is to go to the final Then win it and access the Challenger Cup. This is a competition that can lead us to the VNL (Volleyball Nations League). At the same level as our boy, the Olympic champion. We want to achieve something big and are very close to it.

Nothing really impossible without a base …

We worked with French departments and clubs. It can be celebrated that cities like Orleans, very close to the Paris region and in geographically interesting locations, want to invest in women’s volleyball and play a leading role in the country. increase. This is part of our development strategy. If all clubs were supported like Orleans, everything would be great.

Olympic champion
At CO’Met in 2023, it’s planned

Is there any other dynamics similar to Orléans?

Levallois has an ambitious project that is part of the same approach. In Nantes, women’s volleyball is pooled with handball. Almost everywhere Basically, there is a strong desire to build itself and gain professionalism. Raise the general level. These are very positive elements.

How about the French Federation?

Currently, there are 176,729 members, including 80,426 girls, who make up 46% of our workforce. We play a sport where equality is respected, so being 55th in the world was not suitable for France … The title of the Men’s Olympics evoked a wide range of attractions. When I recently came to Orleans and attended a beach volleyball tournament and a general meeting on Mount Center, I was able to see it again.

Finally, we are talking about the arrival of Olympic champion Orleans …

yes. This is part of a federal project. If the League of Nations trusts us and awards the Men’s “Nation League” tournament next year This will be done at future CO’Met.

Interview with Laurent Coursimault