Orleans Loiret basket modified by Strasbourg at Sports Palace

Three days after their memorable comeback against Bourg-en-Bress, Orleans fell much stronger than them in the second half of the 30th day on Wednesday, April 27th. Very badly beaten (71-104), These Orleans, who bowed in the second half, missed the opportunity to widen the gap with their first demotion, Fos-sur-Mer.This 33-point defeat The third heaviest in club history at Sports Palace..

Orleans started the game when he finished his crazy comeback against Boule, the first basket to ow a lot to Emanuel Terry’s energy. The sequel was initially balanced (12-12, 6th), but each of the Strasbourg residents was a little more successful. Cheeky three points.. On 7/9 (!) Of practice after 15 minutes of play, the Alsatians took a break as they rarely lacked solutions to pick up the ball elsewhere (21-36). ,15th day).

The awakening of Orleans rang thanks to the new strength brought about by a very good passage from the Mutuale-Paige duo (29-36, 17th). But in the face of a wealthy, physical workforce like the highly active captain De Andre Landswdowne, carried aggressively by the accuracy of Jordan Howard and Amin Noor, the OLB catches up. I had a hard time (38-46).

Head down

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at first Not able to make up for the payment of these 10 units (46-56, 16th)Orleans beat Alsace team Someone who was simply better than him.. The people of Strathbourg widened the gap among their masters of intention and tempo, especially thanks to pocket shooter Jordan Howard (47-61, 28; 50-69, 30). It was already too much for Loiretan who had completely let go …

To make matters worse, at the beginning of the fourth quarter, Orleans lost his precious warrior, Marella Mutuare, by hitting his ankle, which was corrected. Faced with a pitiful sight, Loiretan bowed and bowed 71-104 when he heard sneakers crackling in an almost quiet palace. I’m not really relieved in this last sprint …

The historic Lemon Tada hero of the Orleans Loiret basket conveys a surge in emotions from the inside

Jerome Couton-Coudray