Orleans Loiret basket should continue to burn against Bourg-en-Bress

In search of lost time and essential victory … OLB will attack this Sunday to update the calendar A series of 4 meetings in 10 days.. The Orleans team will be the first to lock out the last two games of the second half of today. Bourg-en-Bress, And Wednesday, both facing Strasbourg at the Sports Palace. Moved to Paris on Sunday and before receiving Po next Tuesday.

Should I just remember the character? important To avoid demotion, Orleans is forced to finish the championship with one more success in the rankings than Fos-sur-Mer or Reporter, but what are the deadlines now? ?? In this context, The Bourg-en-Bress reception at 5:30 pm is nothing more than a new maintenance final...

Faced with JL Bourg (11th), often Mired Far from its original ambitionsThe opportunity seems good for OLB, who resumed their color against Roanne last week. “Don’t believe they give us this match,” wipes out Öhlins coach Germain Castano, who is wary of the workforce. Supplying talent (Norris Cole, Axel Julien, Rasheed Sulaimon, Alexandre Chasan …) And Defensive deterrence A member of the team coached by Laurent Legname.

Survival mode

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Despite its instability, Bourg-en-Bress maintained its second defense (74.4 points on average) in the championship, with Limoges (73.8) no better. “They try to betray us. We must not retreat. And you don’t have to think too much.We have to attack them, And we have to let go a little and run and move. Usually we know how to do that, it’s our trademark “and develops technicians.

Öhlins coaches are free to use all of his important powers against teams that have driven overtime before the OLB loses on the first leg (84-75). Questions about the participation of American full-back Rashid Slymon On the other hand, it remains in the rank of Burgian. The team’s second scorer (13.6 points per game) was spared because he hit his ankle during this week’s training.

Six days after the end, Orleans has no choice but to re-enter survival mode to get results tonight. As long as Fos-sur-Mer (Monaco) and Châlons-Reims (Limoges) are playing two complex matches at the same time on paper, winning is a rich idea.

Fight to keep: Update the calendar of Orleans Loiret baskets and their competitors

Jerome Couton-Coudray