Outdoor Sports: What if I bought the equipment second hand?

Posted on July 6, 2022 at 11:30 am

Average 433 euros: According to a survey conducted in May 2022, this is the average annual budget for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Fans of trail running, mountaineering, skiing and water activities all agree. The high quality equipment you need is rarely provided. !! !!

So this summer is just around the corner and new markets are emerging. It’s a used outdoor market. The idea is to connect people who want to get rid of equipment that’s been left behind in the closet for a long time and people who dream of equipping it at a low price. In the former case, it’s an opportunity to recover some of your investment and get a decent profit, and in the latter case, it’s an opportunity to get a product that is normally inaccessible …

In this emerging market in France, three young shoots, Everide, Barooders and Campsider, are shared. Specifically, on these three sites you can find everything you need for most of the outdoor sports, from hiking to mountaineering, including skiing, snowboarding, paddleboarding, cycling, paragliding, and even kitesurfing. .. Trail shoes, clothing, tents, backpacks, harnesses, connected watches, etc. are all categorized by sport and can be filtered by brand, size and even wear.

Although the services and products they offer may vary, these three start-ups are in a secure market designed for athletes with the goal of providing as much warranty as possible to reassure buyers. It works with almost the same model as the model.

Reassure the quality of the article

The first obstacle to buying these second-hand products is just the uncertainty about their quality, Opinionway’s research states: Lack of seller honesty “And that” Difficult to find “What we need. So how can we reassure Internet users and make them want to buy these items that are already in use?” Already through ad validation! Please give us a few photos and the history of the product. For example, for hiking shoes, make sure you check the soles correctly before accepting. “Campsider co-founder Thomas Gounot says he’s rejecting 20% ​​of the ads sent to his site.

We also provide additional services to those who wish. Articles can be physically checked through platform workshops in exchange for 5 euros. This test may be welcomed for sensitive technical equipment that may affect the practitioner’s safety, etc. All three platforms offer a warranty within 48-72 hours upon receipt in the event of a problem.

In terms of price, the adventurer is clearly the winner. “” The site has 60,000 devices and price cuts range from 30-80% of the new selling price.You will be rewarded with a 5% commission covered by the buyer “Barooders co-founder Edwige Michau says.

A quick tour of the site shows the significant savings possible with this model. Here it’s -75% on the Skyway Paraglider Wing, -66% on the Salomon Trail shoes, or -50% on the OEX tent … This motive was clearly first praised at ages 15-24 and was first praised in the opinion survey. It was 91% (30-34 years old is “only” 84% to emphasize financial motives).

Attract sellers

In order for these sites to attract buyers, they also need substantial offers in all sports, all models, and all sizes. This is understood by Barooders and is trying to spoil the seller. “” We provide technical equipment such as bicycles, certified by experts, so that they can be sold under the best conditions and at the best prices. Another very successful service is door-to-door sales. Beyond the € 1,000 basket, we receive equipment at that person’s home and manage online postings and price quotes », Details Edwige Michau. This service is currently reserved for sellers in the Ile-de-France and Lyon regions, but will be expanded later.

These three young shoots are not the only ones that have sniffed out the potential of this emerging market. Last year, Decathlon launched a site dedicated to recycled products, “Second Life.” The same is true for LeVieux Campeur, one of the institutions in this sector, whose second-hand department has the same name. With all these names in mind, Internet users are looking for hundreds of thousands of items referenced on these platforms, not to mention more common sites such as Vinted and Le Bon Coin. You should be able to find. Technical clothing references and sporting goods.

For the wallet and the earth

Beyond a good financial plan, the emergence of this new offer is good news for the planet. Remember that you need about 2,500 liters of water to make a simple cotton T-shirt, according to a study by the Water Footprint Network. And that 4 million tonnes of fiber are thrown away every year in Europe …

“” Our project is also a desire for education for anyone who wants to spend time in nature, protect and protect it. However, if you buy a second-hand item, you can divide its footprint by 6 compared to a new item. »Emphasis on Everide co-founder Cyril Espalieu. One stone, two birds: a good practice to use in your wallet, but also try to reduce its environmental impact.