Over 13 million Olympic and Paralympic tickets

President Tony Estange of Paris in 2024 during the presentation of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games held in Paris on December 13.

Members of Paris 2024 adopted the key policy of the ticketing organization, which will take place over two years during the Paris 2024 Olympic (OG) and Paralympic Games on Monday, March 21st at the Board of Directors. .. Sales of tickets to participate in the competition are expected to generate a total revenue of nearly € 1.2 billion. That’s 30% of the budget of the Olympic and Paralympic Organizing Committee (Cojop).

In detail, about 13.4 million tickets will be sold. The Olympic Games (July 26th to August 11th, 2024) will have 10 million copies, and the Paralympics (August 28th to September 8th) will have 3.4 million copies. Opening and closing ceremonies tickets are sold separately. By comparison, the Soccer World Cup attracts an average of 3.4 million spectators. Rugby World Cup, 2.5 million.

Half of the tickets are completely dematerialized for security reasons and are generally offered at prices under € 50 (under € 25 for the Paralympic version). This includes 1 million tickets (500,000 tickets) for 24 euros. 15 euros for the Paralympics), whatever the Olympic sport, the entry price claims the organizer. In London 2012, the entry price for the contest was € 27.

So, for example, in theory, it would be possible to participate in a French basketball player’s match or an American dream team in Hall 6 of the Parc de Exposition for € 24. A room that doesn’t like blues..

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Started business in February 2023

When it comes to allocating valuable sesame seeds, the Paris 2024 team chose a system of purchase slots by drawing lots. They think this is a new procedure. “The fairest”..

In previous editions of the game, all buyers were connected at the same time as soon as the online ticket office opened, causing congestion on the booking platform in most cases. In the Paris 2024 draw, lucky winners who have pre-registered on the ticket site by the end of 2022 will be assigned a time frame of several hours to purchase the ticket pack.

Specifically it will be possible “Purchase currently available tickets in real time T”, Paris promises to the 2024 side. According to the Cojop Calendar, it will go on sale in February 2023.

Those who fail will have the opportunity to make up for the single ticket lottery (May 2023), or even if the draw continues, when the remaining tickets are released at the end of 2023. Paralympic tickets will start in the fall of the same year with the same procedure.

The organizers of the Paris Olympics have specified that 80% of the tickets will be offered to the general public and 20% to tournament partners, stakeholders, hospitality (VIPs, boxes, bespoke offers), etc. I am. It will also be possible to redeem tickets on certain platforms to avoid the black market.

However, the provision of tickets for the Paris Olympics does not take into account the deterioration of health. “We want a complete stadium, and we want spectators of all disciplines to experience unique emotions and create lifelong memories.” 2024 Enthusiasm for Tony Estange, President of Paris.

Two years after the onset of the Covid-19 crisis, it is nevertheless difficult to rule out a pandemic scenario that forces organizers to rethink their offers.

Therefore, in the meantime, we do not assume a 25% or 50% gauge like the 2021 Euro Soccer Championship. Moreover, it is even less likely to hypothesize a closed session, such as the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. From Beijing last February.

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