Overseas 2022-Emmanuel Macron: President defends his balance sheet, candid

Emmanuel Macron, the current President of the Republic and his successor candidate, is a guest of the 2022 political program Outre-mer. The latter is an opportunity to return to the steps taken during the five-year term and in the project. For overseas territories for the next 5 years.


Emmanuel Macron wearing two hats who participated in Outre-mer 2022, the first overseas presidential conference. The president who defends his record, and the candidate who announces his proposal. Unemployment, anxiety, referendum, autonomy, history, and even living expenses. Emmanuel Macron addressed so many subjects in front of young ultramarine and our journalists Valerie Phillan and Thierry Belmont.

“”I have never promised the impossible (…), the real liberation is the horizon we have to set, the first point is equal opportunity, the second point, health, the state is Guadeloupe University Hospital I paid the whole, the third point is unemployment, we reduced unemployment 4 to 5 points in the West Indies. In overseas territories, the unemployment rate is declining twice as fast as in other territories.“We retort the presidential candidate in front of our journalists.

He also raised the issue of compensation for the victims of Kepone in Guadeloupe and Martinique.

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In response to questions from young expatriates, especially Martinique David, Emmanuel Macron expanded the solutions he offered and, if re-elected, the solutions he offered to combat high living costs. ..The bills to pay issue is not the issue I have discovered, we tried to answer it (…), and there is the fact that many products are imported. However, despite the answers, food stamps, and check distribution, the problem remains, so we need to do more production in the overseas territories first.“.

“”I need more competition“Then I explained the candidate for his successor before adding in the following format: My carpa : “”I wasn’t fast enough and not strong enough, so we have to help the new actor more“Nevertheless, for Emmanuel Macron, the best way to deal with living expenses is, especially through work.”Employment plans for young people (WHO) A good strategy for purchasing power“.

The presidential candidate has many questions, not only the issue of dock membership fees for basic necessities, the issue of land rights depending on the situation of Mayotte, but also the institutional issues related to certain foreign territories, especially about returning home. I mentioned it openly. For the Caledonia Referendum: “I think I was the president who had to organize three referendums. They stood according to the signed agreement. Some people didn’t want to participate, but I respect it.“”

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The Head of State also mentioned his thoughts on institutional adaptation: “It determines who pays and who pays. It’s a system that you don’t want to decide anymore, but it’s up to the government to pay. I accept institutional adaptations to unlock as needed. It must meet the needs of the territory.“”

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Finally, following a question from Sydney about the history of the memorial, Emmanuel Macron was very clear: “We need to continue this memory work, promote heroes, emphasize models and promote them not only abroad but also in France“, While adding”I made this promise for the Tuileries Garden, a new place of memory in Paris, which is subject to recognition. History must be seen face-to-face and must not be erased or rewritten. I’m against unbolting the statue, I hate things like this. We must succeed in building others.“”

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At the end of the program, Emmanuel Macron concluded:Fight until the last second to convince.“”

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