Owner of Vladimir Putin, a mega yacht moored in Italy?

War in Ukraine-The mystery is immeasurable and named after the Persian Princess who saved King Shariah from murderous wrath. Is the mega yacht “Sheherazad” moored on the Italian coast belonging to Russian President Vladimir Putin?

Several yachts in the hands of Russia’s emerging conglomerates have been confiscated in Europe since Moscow invaded Ukraine at the end of February, but if the ownership of the “Sherellazard” is attributed to the Kremlin master, it is a mistake. Not the most spectacular. I’m thinking about my opponent Alexei Navalny.

Its bow is directed to the Mediterranean Sea, and the 140-meter-long ship is worth an estimated $ 700 million (€ 636 million) in Massa, Tuscany’s prestigious seaside town in the hinterland of central Italy. It is moored in dry dock. It leads to Carrara’s famous marble quarry.

It will be placed in the company shipyard Italian Sea Group, For several months for maintenance. It is impossible to get close to him. As AFPTV journalists pointed out on Wednesday, March 23, there are no clear signs of activity on board. Men are busy, but Marina is still not very lively at this time of the year.

Ongoing police investigation

Like everyone here, Cesare Cucurnia, an 83-year-old retiree, is closely tracking the incident. “I don’t know who it is or who it is. It’s certainly not the poor. Probably Putin,” he walks forward in the harbor.

Released by the Lürssen Shipyard in Germany in 2020, the yacht features two helicopter platforms, a swimming pool, a cinema, an anti-drone battery and is the administrator of the SuperYachtFan site, which has established itself as a detective journalist. I believe in An investigation by Italian financial police is underway, which could come to a conclusion within a few days, sources close to the investigation told AFP.

“The investigation is ongoing. We are in the deepening stage, which is generally more complicated. It is not always easy to assign ownership of a boat,” especially the legitimate nesting doll assembly is a real possession. I have explained this source because it makes it difficult to identify the person or beneficiary.

Reportedly, the Cayman Islands flag-raising “Sheherazad” is owned by a company registered with the Marshall Islands. The captain was British, but the rest of the crew were Russian-at least until recently-a team of Russian dissident Alexei Navalny showed the sea monster Vladimir in a video posted on YouTube on Monday.・ It is said that he returned to Putin. It is specifically based on a list of crew members, including several members of the FSO, a Russian Federation service for personality protection.

The clue points to Putin

A coincidence or desperate operation to hide the origin of the boat, recently all crew members have been replaced. “The crew consisted only of Russians, and suddenly all staff were replaced by British nationals,” explains AFP Paolo Gozzani, Secretary-General of the Massa CGIL Trade Union Confederation. .. The union is concerned about the impact of sanctions on the economy and employment of many wealthy Russian resort cities.

According to the American daily New York Times, Washington gathered clues to associate the Russian president with a luxury ship. The ship traveled twice to Sochi, a Russian seaside resort on the Black Sea coast, in 2020 and 2021.

Wrong, retort the Italian Sea Group. “Ownership of’Scheherazade’cannot be attributed to Russian President Vladimir Putin,” responded in a press release from the company, relying on “the documents it owns and the results of checks conducted by the competent authorities.” Said. Captain of “Scheherazade”, New York TimesHe said he had never seen the Russian president on board, but did not want to identify its owner and explained that he was bound by a preliminary obligation.

In a speech to the Italian Parliament on Tuesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on Italy to seize all of the oligarch’s financial and real estate assets, from the “Sheherazad” to the smallest “ship.” Without identifying the owner of the mega yacht.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and sanctions announced by the European Union, Italian authorities have been responsible for assets belonging to Russia’s Oligarch, including the € 530 million worth of giant sailing yacht “Sailing Yacht A” owned by Andrey Melnichenko. Seized 884 million euros. Billions of coal and fertilizer mogul. Rome also seized the € 65 million worth of the “Lady M Yacht” owned by Alexei Moldashov, who is said to be close to Vladimir Putin.

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