“Paddel is probably one of the most developed women’s sports.”

Melissa Martin went to Padel Magazine’s Mike during the Saint-Etienne edition of the Cupra Padel Point Tour. About the program of the interview: Collaboration with Amélie Detrivière, her role on the Cupra Padel-Point Tour, the French team, and Padel’s vision of a woman in a global way.

Melissa, Padel Expert for Cupra Padel Point Tour

Padel Magazine: We met at various stages of the Cupra Padel Point Tour, what is your role in this organization? What makes it special to you and distinguishes it from other circuits?

Melissa Martin : “I work with an event company that is hired by Cupra and Padel-Point to organize tours, which is called Welldone. I support the organization and a lot of advice, especially at the sports level. I’m working on animation. I’m a Padel expert on the team (laughs). I’ll try to participate in animations and clinics, if any. The purpose of this tour is to ride the waves of Padel. And to get to know Padel Point and Cupra, their purpose is to make Padel fun and friendly.

“We will be doing as many APT and World Padel Tournaments as possible.”

Padel Magazine: As a bystander on this Cupra Padel Point Tour, you also have a career as a player, what will you do in the next 2-3 months program?

Melissa Martin : Well, I’m certainly playing by my side (laughs). I took over not so long ago (on the Padel Holizon P2000 she won). I didn’t have much time to redo a lot of work and tournaments, but now I’m picking it up little by little and want to do more. There is a big break from P2000. The next break (P2000) is the Pyramid of September.

I plan to hold a future tournament. We will face Wendy (Barsotti) at the upcoming APT in Pportugal. I requested a wildcard at Toulouse WPT playing at Amélie Detrivière. We plan to do as many APT and World Padel tours as possible, depending on availability, but I would love to play anyway. “”

Melissa Martin and Children Cupra Padel Tour Saint-Etienne

Alongside Amélie Detrivière at the French Championship

Padel Magazine: You mentioned Amélie Detrivière earlier, do you think she is the official partner of the French circuit? Can you expect to play together in the French Championship?

Melissa Martin : “Yes, that’s for sure! I had already talked to Amelie at the end of last year, especially because I was away from Maivo, which was a bit off the French circuit, and certainly because I’ve always played with the French team with Amelie. , It was like my official partner. We were always very close, but we didn’t have the opportunity to do a French circuit together, so we got a lot of excitement towards that.

We will participate together in the automatically qualified French Championships, so we will not do it locally. And we will have as many tournaments as possible in France. I also watch international tournaments if she can. “”

“Women’s padels are very similar to French amateur men’s padels.”

Padel Magazine: Let’s talk about female Padel. How do you judge the overall situation of the women’s circuit?

Melissa Martin : “Women haven’t participated in the Premier Padel so far, but we know that the best players want to negotiate the best deal on this circuit. They want to promote the women’s padel. I think, and the women’s padel feels it incredible today for everyone. I think it will be one of the most developed women’s sports.

The female padel is very similar to the French amateur male padel, in which people are well aware of themselves and enjoy watching. Women and players have this real weapon that can say, “We too, it is justified to claim that people want to see us and have the same rights as men.” I am.

The French team is always in the corner of my head

Padel Magazine: French team, can you expect to find you there as a member of the team?

Melissa Martin : Framework (laughs). No, I think the managers are more Alix and Rare! Either way, I’ve always liked playing for the French team. Who doesn’t like playing in France?

But it’s true that I had a great experience and it’s unbelievable to come back. It’s true that I didn’t play the last World Championship because I wasn’t feeling well at the end of last year and the results weren’t good. But that’s great. It’s a goal and we think about it. Above all, it’s fun and has the best team to represent France.

I’m in France now, so I’m not in Madrid. I’m training, but I’m working on the side … Still a dream for the French team, but the situation is pretty objective.

Depending on the results, even with good results earlier this year, there is no world championship yet. As you can see, I want Amélie anyway. “”

It happens here to find the entire interview and the bonus question asked by Melissa at the end of this interview:

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