Pamiers.At the Neptunia Center, the pool is preparing to foam for the summer

The swimming pool is up and running, full and fresh. All that remains is to dive into the summer season at the Neptunia Aquatic Center, which is expected to attract more than 20,000 people in July and August of the summer.

Filled with fresh and guaranteed parentheses to fight the sun in the center of Neptunia. For 22 years, the city has benefited from notable underwater sports facilities. A gem that is partially heated by solar panels and foams seasonally all year round. The sized nautical center is basically a covered pool, another playful paddling pool, a jacuzzi, a 50 x 15 m outdoor swimming pool, which can be used not only for swimming but also for the competition of experienced athletes. It consists of temple pillars. Neptunia never becomes empty.

Even outside the summer months, a variety of fun sporting activities enliven the pool, with swimming, diving, pentathlon, school clubs, seniors, and groups discussing and constantly changing on the surface. Thoroughly, the “winter” was carried out successfully, the conformance check was good, the season was beautiful and it started well (formally June 20th). Meanwhile, the degree is rising.

Free for children under 18

“From July to the end of August, the masses are always so large that they rally Neptunia, pass through the ticket gates at the entrance, and wear swimsuits before jumping into the water,” said Eric Pujade, deputy mayor of the sports department. Says. The elected civil servants added: Of course, even if you can come from afar and enjoy the pool, it’s clear that the goal is to satisfy the widest range of people by offering the possibility of taking advantage of the city’s nautical facilities. all. “And Eric Puhade is particularly familiar with the center of Neptunia. He is a passionate high-level sportsman who has long been accustomed to covering the length of Neptunia. The corridors of the basin are regional committees. No longer holds the secret of one of the nautical club’s bows, who is the chairman and administrator of.

Today’s deputy mayor continues: Of deck chairs and other equipment to ensure bather comfort during the summer. The latter is also overseen by a team of professional lifeguards ready to intervene at any time. “There are a total of 14 reception agents, maintenance, technical and lifeguards to make up the summer seasonal workers, staff reinforced by qualified MNS or BNSA,” said Eric Domario, director of swimming pools. Continues.

And what is the cost of this tool? “It will inevitably cost the community an increasing fee, but it shouldn’t be charged to taxpayers. It’s a priority. The situation has changed over Covid’s two years and the operation has been confused. Now The numbers are not representative enough. ” √Čric Pujade. Therefore, you have to wait until the end of the next fiscal year to get a more accurate idea. In conclusion, during the summer season, when the temperature of the thermometer rises, Neptunia has thousands of entries in July and August. When the sun returns and access to the pool returns to normal, the nautical center will be filled to the edge again, measured with mandatory safety gauges and limited to 650 people on the premises.

Year-round activities and entertainment

Throughout the year, activities are held in the swimming pool, especially school swimming from elementary and junior high school, baby swimmers, introductory and advanced courses for adults and children, aqua gyms and aqua bikes. Throughout the year, qualified and qualified community educators provide residents with the opportunity to discover a variety of activities (water phobia, adult and child learning, water gardens, water babies, etc.) in a safe and enjoyable environment. To do. The Aqua Training Circuit is, of course, a complete activity that works on all parts of the body. The Pamier Voyage Club and City Hall have also launched a “I’m learning to swim” project. This device is part of an inter-ministerial plan to prevent drowning and obtains a “safe swimming” certificate for paired sessions to attract the attention of registered children aged 6 to 12 years. Contribute to.