Paris 2024: Basketball players are still looking for an Olympic base

Organizers are looking for new holes to host the preparatory stages of basketball tournaments. In Paris and elsewhere.

Jean-Philippe Gatien is a very busy person. Alesian, the sports director of Paris 2024, needs to find a new location as soon as possible to prepare for the men’s and women’s basketball tournaments. The deadline is set on July 12, the date of the next board of directors of the Olympic Organizing Committee.

Under pressure from several French expatriates across the Atlantic, Cojo officials set aside Hall 6 of the Portede Versailles Exhibition Center, which was first selected at the end of 2020. So sometimes sharp.

“How can I accept basketball, the most popular communal sport in the Olympics, being sent to the exhibition park? The room is not adapted. I can’t let it go through. I dream I think that there”, Evan Fournier of the New York Knicks tweeted.

This abandonment, recorded on March 23, is also the result of more technical issues. The ceiling is too low, damp and especially unsuitable … Two years after the abandonment of the first game of the musical chairs and some too high projects, for example, the outdoor pool in Sandoni and its 15,000-seat stand. , This new setback confuses Tony Estanger and his team.

No quick fix

Apart from the microphone and camera, the message is clear: “We don’t have a miraculous solution... All right (basketball) Stay in Paris. In this case, you need to move other sports.Before returning to the Accor Hotel Arena, he goes to the countryside like a handball in Lille (Former Bercy) From the quarterfinals. “

In its April 8th edition, Parisian Mentioned the possibility of moving north instead of handball.A few days later, the information was inconsistent in the daily sports column. team..

“Basketball, handball, judo, gymnasium … everyone wants to play at Bercy. That’s impossible.”Before recalling the basic assumptions at the time of appointment, insist on the thinking head of Paris 2024.

“From the beginning, I didn’t want to make a white elephant that would be useless as soon as the Olympics were over.” The estimated 80 million euros in Le Bourget’s hall, where volleyball players were first supposed to defend the title, never sees the light of day.

The ghost of Baja in Rio

The ghosts of the 2016 Rio Games haunt all organizer nights. The square meters of Baja ruins, Olympic swimming pools, bicycle racetracks, tennis courts, martial arts rooms, or rooms reserved for communal sports are now abandoned and eaten up by oblivion and worms. ..

Where can basketball eventually land? In rural areas, Lyon and Orleans are candidates. But such a choice will certainly resurrect the dissatisfaction of the best French basketball players against relocation. Not to mention Fiba (International Basketball Federation) and the city of Paris.

Instead, some media are betting on the arena under construction at Porte de la Chapelle. In this arena, badminton and rhythmic gymnastics are usually held in the first week. “We are thinking. The idea is still to run as few sports as possible.”We know from Pulse, the headquarters of Paris 2024 in Saint-Denis.

Jean-Philip Gatien is in charge. And now I’m running out of time.