Paris 2024: Emmanuel Macron mobilizes state

EEmmanuel Macron has decided to return the state to the center of preparation for the 2024 Olympics, following the Olympic Council on Monday. He called on the minister for maximum involvement. This is a manifestation of the desire to help near the organizer. Almost 12 ministers spent more than two hours in Elysee verbally at the Olympics. From Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne to Minister of Economy Bruno Le Mer, Minister of Interior Gerald Darmanin, National Education of Pap Ndiaye, and even Sports Ameri Udea Castella, all announced the agenda for the Olympics.

The purpose of this “field meeting”, called by Macron, is to review all files related to the Olympic Games (July 26-August 11, 2024) and to sign mobilization at all levels of the state. It seems to be two. .. “It’s been two years since the tournament started, and now it’s really a time trial,” Emmanuel Macron said in an interview with the newspaper. team..

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The Olympic Council scrutinized all subjects without exception. From security to “safe” interior ministers, the logistical challenges these Olympics represent (accommodation, transportation, catering, etc.), employment, and budget issues. Elysee points out that the country is thinking of ways to “participate in dialogue” with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to save money, especially in this regard, which embodies concerns due to inflation caused by the conflict in Ukraine. did.

“Slightly increased” budget

IOC Chairman Thomas Bach in Paris also met with Emmanuel Macron on Monday to discuss the issue. “This is evidence that the Olympic Organizing Committee (OCOG) budget is growing somewhat at this point,” deciphers a source close to the mystery of the Olympics. The debate between the IOC and the OCOG is that the 4 billion budget is almost entirely funded by private income, and attempts to separate savings paths had already begun a few weeks ago. Organizers whose budgets are guaranteed by the state have to withstand the inflation shock and are reviewing their budgets this year. “I reaffirmed the simple principle. There are no Olympic taxes. The game must fund the game,” Emmanuel Macron insisted in an interview. team..

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According to Elysee, the budget of Solideo, the company responsible for providing Olympic productions, is projected to increase from € 4 billion to € 4.3 billion in 2024 due to inflation, but should be “generally maintained”. “The ideas advocated by some Olympic taxes are completely unfounded and exaggerated,” Evidence recalled, recalling that “1.7 to 1.8 billion public funds” were invested in these Olympics. confirmed.

However, at the end of the council, a major announcement was made, except for the creation of 11 new mobile units on the police side in consideration of the event and the decision of the head of state and Elizabeth Born to enhance sports practice. Was almost nonexistent. To the rank of “Great National Cause of 2024”. Above all, at this Olympic and Paralympic Council, we needed to see the clear message that the President delivered to government, state services, and President Tony Estanguet of the Olympic Organizing Committee, who will attend on Monday. Fully mobilize for the event.

“State in the center of the machine”

Proof of State Engagement: A conference dedicated to the Olympic Games is held quarterly jointly between the President and the Prime Minister. Elysee recalled that this type of meeting was stalled with an official who was elected a “stakeholder” in September. In addition, Emmanuel Macron explained that the state “buys 400,000 tickets to distribute to young people and school children, especially children under the age of 16”, and above all “volunteers who contribute to French competitions and sports”. did. According to the organizer’s website, a total of 10 million tickets will be sold at the Olympic Games and about 3.4 million tickets at the Paralympics in Paris.

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“It may have been necessary to reassure the minister a little about the importance of these Olympics to the president and make it clear to the minister, remembering that the state was actually at the center of the machine,” the Olympic Council said. Blow. Public election close to Macrony.

Asked about the possibility of Emmanuel Macron taking over the game through this sequence, Tony Estanger recalled that the president was “fully mobilized from day one.” “In the last few months, the situation has kept him away from the game project, so he wanted to reconnect with a variety of subjects,” he said. Strictly speaking, the “recovery of hands” of the Olympics by the state, “it doesn’t seem to be bad,” she estimates, a source close to the mystery of the Olympics.