Paris 2024 sports calendar officially decided!

100m freestyle or 400m hurdles finals, Olympic marathons, fencing team events, women’s and men’s football finals, handball or rugby sevens tournaments… Two years before the competition, the calendar of the Olympic Games Paris 2024 is out. find out the day and time you will vibrate in 2 years in front of the greatest athlete on the planet!

first day medal

From day one, when the first medals of the Olympic two-week period have already been awarded, we get to the heart of the matter. On his 27th July, the day after the Opening Ceremony, the unforgettable first impressions of the Olympic Games take place before the eyes of the whole world are turned to those who make history. The streets of Paris come to life as the women’s and men’s road cycling time trials begin at 2:30 PM. Meanwhile, judo will begin the week’s competition at the Arena Champs de Mars, while fencing will see rugby sweep the Grand Palais. 7s inaugurate Stade de France enclosure. Swimming, diving and shooting will also take place on the opening day at the Aquatic Centre, Arena La Defense and the National Shooting Stand in Chateauroux.

On the additional sports aspect, skateboarding will be invited from day one of the competition in Place de la Concorde to answer the question of who will take over for Japan’s Invincible Armada, which has won three of the four events in Tokyo. After that, it’s time for a break! The sport will take place on August 9th between 4pm and 10pm, setting fire to the Place de la Concorde for B-Girls and the next day at the same time for B-Boys, setting fire to the Place de la Concorde to mark the start of the Olympic Games. Celebrate the christening ceremony. One of the symbols of Paris.

Crazy weekend in the middle of competition

No weekend downtime placed in the middle of the Olympics, but a highlight that continues to captivate the whole world.On August 3rd and 4th, 15 sports will take part in the weekend and countless finals. is a dream come true for all sports fans. The famous team competitions of tennis, table tennis and judo, which have not yet been announced in Tokyo, will appear in the game. Fencing, track and field, archery, shooting, cycling with online races, golf, horseback riding, rowing, gymnastics, badminton, and swimming will all crown him an Olympic champion, so there will be something for everyone.

Swimming and Athletics: Primetime Finals

The athletics and swimming finals are among the moments that make the Olympics so special. A moment that will go down in history as the whole world holds its breath in front of Earth’s greatest champions, colliding in a superheated arena with hundredths of a blow. These finals promise to be played entirely at night so as to be seen by as many people as possible! will take place from 6:30pm. In the athletics final, all eyes will be on the Stade de France from 1.Uh ~ August 11, 7:00 pm ~

Emotions from July 26th to August 11th

Every day, the competition is inspiring and great entertainment. Mark your calendars for a taste of the highlights that await you two years from now during the two weeks of pure Olympic spectacle at some of the world’s most incredible sporting venues!

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