Paris, the host city of the 2024 Olympics, is already struggling with sporting goods.

Paris, the 2024 Olympic city, exposes everyday sportsmen to an obstacle course where the association is competing for slots between scarce and aging equipment. A structural deficit that cannot be filled in the short term.

New soccer field “Teared”A “catastrophic” athletics stadium, with toilets unavailable for several months: two years before the 2024 Olympics (July 26-August 11, 2024), Parisian sports infrastructure failure There are many examples of lack of sufficient workmanship or maintenance.

At the soccer field of Poterne des Peupliers (13th arrondissement), “Dangerous holes and dents” According to the club’s official Pedro Sobral, last season caused four cruciate ligament ruptures in Entente Sportive Paris XIII players.

Also, when pool work is not taking place, slow strikes by agents who oppose the application of 35-hour workweek can lead to unexpected closures, including this scorching summer.

Another subject of tension, “Insufficient slots for association”, I regret Samia Badat-Karam, President of the Sports and Olympic Committee of the Paris Parliament (LR and related). “That’s terrible, we always have an association that refuses.”Says this elected representative of the 16th arrondissement.

Pedro Sobral wonders about him “About award criteria” Slots and blame “Illegal”: According to him, some associations “More facilities” Get them.

Accelerated deterioration

Observation by GĂ©rald Reman, chairman of the Volleyball Association Contrepied, which was in charge of the city hall “Do your best” When “Always find a solution” For clubs “Very strict” Slots like him (380 members).

But at the beginning of the season, he had to reject 100 membership requests due to lack of training space.

Between the health crisis and budgetary difficulties, the city “Even the small local equipment that has to be released for the tournament has a lot of delays in all achievements.”Laments the elected Communist Nicholas Bonnet Ourargi’s boss.

For him “Legacy” Paris-2024 “There are more Parisians practicing sports after the competition”..However “We cannot meet all demands and all needs.” At the swimming pool, he is surprised.

Paris “Lack of sports equipment” For its 2.1 million inhabitants, we will soon recognize Pierre Rabadan, a sports and Olympic assistant who emphasizes refurbishment and investment efforts since the arrival of Mayor Anne Hidalgo in 2014: 150 for swimming pools. Including 400 million euros.

The National Institute of Youth and General Education (Injep) has a strong urbanization and lack of sports equipment in Paris (14 equipment for 10,000 inhabitants), Bouches-du-Rhone (27), or Rhone (29). It is tied. ..

A vicious circle of the capital since gymnasiums, stadiums and pools “Overuse causes rapid aging”Pierre Rabadan states that the agent must walk a tightrope at all times, especially during refurbishment.

An example of a swimming pool. Six of the 42 are currently undergoing major renovations.

this “Huge investment plan” Considering the Olympics “Block the basin while working”Said Olivier Hosatte, chairman of the water polo club La Libellule.

Ring road, chance?

Youth Sports Bureau team must be better “When designing a pool, think about different sporting activities.”Lament the polo player.

His club was banned from playing the ball there after being given a slot in one of the two new pools opened in early 2020. “Fragile lights on the edge of the pool”

Anne Hidalgo executives promise a third new pool in District 18 at the end of 2024, but the other two are under consideration, says public construction assistant Jack Bodrier.

According to Harness, the only Olympic venue built for in-wall competition, the Porto de la Chapel Arena (18th century), has two gymnasiums, and Python-Duvernois (20th century) has 10,000 m2 of sports. The city is planned.

In cities where every square meter is coveted, “The basic problem is still available land, and the game isn’t going to revolutionize it.”Warn Mr. Rabadan.

Former rugby player wants to believe “Land Opportunity” By 2030, the ring road will be transformed into a city boulevard, which may provide sports facilities.

Until then, he has only seen the city’s three levers. “Optimize slot usage”With equipment sharing in other Ile de French municipalities “Better use of the Boulogne Forest and Vincennes”Many outdoor terrain providers.