Party and defeat, contrasting afternoon of Paris basket at Accor Arena

“Everything starts here”, “Paris is back”. The banner deployed at the Accor Arena on Sunday set the tone. Paris Basket has not yet secured a new lease for BetClic Elite, but its president, like PSG, will set up his club in the sports world of Paris.

And it goes through a festive moment like this conference with Monaco, one of the giants of the French Championship at the Accor Arena in the heart of the capital. The club wasn’t the first attempt (the match was held at Pro B in January 2020), but this time it’s all over. If the leader bet on a 6,864 seat configuration, he would open additional stands and push the gauge to 8,500 seats, as demanded.

“I’m a basketball fan, but not necessarily a Parisian fan,” who came from Franconville with two friends, Julian, didn’t want to miss this event. “Apart from football and rugby, I don’t necessarily have the opportunity to see a big match in Paris. The fact that it was in Bercy decided me because it was a guaranteed sight. Therefore, the Accor Arena, Looks like an NBA with entertainment such as a half-time Lonicia mini-concert and a trip to New York to win (winners will be revealed during the match at Hull Carpentier on April 2nd), 8,000 Audience excited Parisian attacking Monegasque (36-41 during breaks), 4 points in 3 minutes from the end before folding on the wire (69-76) against one of the title’s favorites I returned to (65-69).

“I was really happy to play in this arena, which is a great way to promote basketball,” said Monaco coach Sasha Obradvich. “I always hate losing Paris, but the match was played in a great atmosphere and there was a lot of entertainment,” said Pierre Rabadan, Deputy Mayor of Paris, who is in charge of sports. “It was a real party for Parisian basketball to play in such a room,” adds Paris captain Dustin Sleva.

Dispute with Paris 2024

The location was well chosen, but it was also a programming day. “A basketball game on Sunday afternoon makes it possible to come with her family,” says Isabel, who comes with her husband and two children. “Two years before the Olympics in Paris, I wanted to see what basketball looks like at the Accor Arena. 25-year-old Samir breathes. I’m a real basketball fan, but at the Olympics I don’t know if I can get a ticket to meet the French team. »»

Samir isn’t really aware of the disputes that certain players on the French team, especially Evan Fournier, have caused on social networks, like the fans they met near the Accor Arena. On March 10, 2022, Le Parisien revealed on its site the heightened tensions about the preliminary exhibition venue between the International Basketball Federation (Fiba) and the Organizing Committee of the 2024 Games. , Bruce blamed the choice. Of the organizer.

In particular, the ceiling height in question is 9m, and huge signboards cannot be installed on the ground. The case is not over. While Fiva requested a mid-March warranty, technical points (especially with regard to lighting) have not yet been resolved. After all, the decision is left to the Organizing Committee (even considering that Fiva does not meet the conditions), but at this stage it is not really decided to review the copy.

It’s easy to imagine that basketball will leave the capital if Lyon presents a future arena to Kojo and Orleans officially applies to host a group stage. Two years ago, during a project review, Fiva rejected the idea of ​​going to Pierre Mauroy Stadium in Lille. On the other hand, it is a destination accepted by the International Handball Federation. The solution in Paris also looks complicated. Fiva is a room specially built for basketball and focuses on the Porto de la Chapel Arena, the home of basketball in Paris after the 2024 Olympics.

However, to make this possible, you will need to move badminton and open a new arena (for example, Coubertin). This is very expensive. Another solution is to bring the basketball preliminary stage back to the Accor Arena, as planned 18 months ago. But again, we needed to create a new game of musical chairs, and found a gymnastics place that occupied Bercy in the first week of the Olympics. It’s not as simple as a French basketball player’s tweet suggests.

The debate between Paris 2024 and Fiva is not over yet and seems to be still tense. “Evan (Fournier) was the launcher, and I hope we continue to push for solutions,” Monaco captain and Tricolor’s international Leo Westermann said on Sunday. ..