Pass’Sport: Over 1 million young people have already benefited from it!

Thank you very much, Mayor. I would like to talk about our commitment to sports. Minister Madam, Deputy Minister, Mayor, Governor, Governor, Managing Director of our agency, Dear DIJOP. President, Dear Athlete, Dear Friend, Listen, if we are here today, first of all, it’s for the happiness to meet again in the neighborhood of Clichy Sue Bois and our working class. , We have mentioned many themes by coming so far, we believe to be the center of the Republic Agreement, which includes culture, sports, education, urban regeneration, security and entrepreneurship. Continue to fight for republic equality-Mr. Makaya is there too-and investing in 2030 trying to make for a neighborhood entrepreneur. It’s the whole thing, and basically, in a working-class neighborhood, you have to do everything you do everywhere in the republic, but in many cases the inequality is even greater. But if we’re here, it’s about talking about sports. And not only the young athletes there, but their trainers, educators, federations, and athletes here to set an example, and the great champions preparing for the next tournament we brought back. I really want to thank you. .. It’s time to train and make a commitment, so thank you for being there. I am very sensitive to it. It’s time you give, but because they’re role models, you can’t imagine the accelerator it represents for all these young people. And I think there are a lot of people here dreaming of seeing you fight, winning medals, and seeing you with Minister Madam today. It’s great because it’s a dream within reach. So thank you for taking the time to sponsor these initiatives. You can admire your champion. So, if we are here, consider some very important things. First of all, at the 2024 Olympics, everyone is preparing for it. Your field is clearly there. Whether it’s judo or breakdancing, you’ll be competing in the 2024 Olympics, the Olympics and the Paralympics. It’s very important, the champion prepares, and we are there. But being a great nation of the Olympics and Paralympics allows the whole nation to benefit from it, and thus also means being a sports nation. From the beginning of the next school year, we will play 30 minutes of sports in all primary classes. So it will completely change your life at school. There are at least 30 minutes of sports each day. And we will have another two hours in college. So it will be a little revolution in school as we have to change, and why is it good? Discover sports first, train, and maybe say: I want to join the Papa Mummy Club, continue practicing and become a champion. But it’s a health policy, as it can also fight overweight and obesity. Sports can prevent many illnesses. And finally, when you play sports, you can learn better because you play sports for about 30 minutes when you are a little nervous. And sometimes we are good at sports, not math. It’s good to show your friends that you are disciplined. It also changes many benchmarks. That is the first pillar.

The second is the famous pass sport. Created a little over a year ago for minors aged 8 to 18 years. There are 1 million young people with Pass’Sport. This allows families to receive new semester allowances, aid, AAH, etc. to pay for equipment and access. To the club and sometimes to the license. It worked and many young people and families were able to pay for their children’s access to sports. Perhaps many of you are benefiting from it. In any case, you can benefit from it, you are at the standard. What we are trying to do is obviously going to generalize it, as 5 million children and adolescents are qualified. So you can go further and have a budget for that. However, we are now planning to open it to all students over the age of 18 who are receiving scholarships and those who are difficult because it is also very important to them. There are also young people who need to accompany you. Paying € 50 to join a club or play sports is an obstacle. This is true in the neighborhood. So, for those who have young scholarships or are in need, we support them. This supports 800,000 young people over the age of 18.

The third element is about structure. And there, I would like to pay tribute to Judo, the Judo Federation, and its president. When we came to see the last Olympics in Japan, our numbers were small, we had COVIDs, and the protocol was terrible. I went to see the first judo event. At that time, I wasn’t on the tatami mat yet. That was just the beginning. We started with disappointment, and then a good surprise, I remember it very well. And you were there and the federation was great. He made a mistake with me, he told me: we have a suggestion, but it’s a bit crazy, it’s judo to carry it. We should build 1,000 dojos. If I wanted to help young people, I said to him “Pouf”. And a few months later, it became 5,000 sites with 1,000 dojos. So today it’s a tremendous victory to be launched with you, the City of Clichy, the Minister of Sports, and of course the Judo Federation, and the National Sports Agency, which has made it possible to investigate and fund files. , We go very quickly and very difficult, in a place where we can discover and practice sports that are fully integrated into the city, the customs of our fellow citizens and not necessarily theirs. Because it shows that you can do it. By 2024, we’ve set a goal with the budget there, so we’ll reach it. Thank you for proposing judo, thanking the National Sports Agency for carrying it, and thanking the federation for accurately supporting these 1,000 dojos. And there is a judo and breakdance marriage, which is a big victory for the two twin disciplines. Finally, the last word I wanted to say is very important to you as the sport shouldn’t stop when the holidays come. Thanks to the many elected officials and the association doing great work, during the COVID crisis we introduced a mechanism called “summer vacation” and “study vacation”. And there is a “learning camp” on Learning Holidays, and there are three different devices including “learning camps”. All of these measures have helped support one million young people. In other words, one million young people who were able to take activities and vacations. And today, our summer camp arrangements are broader and allow about one million young people to leave each year. They often come from modest families and can’t go on vacation. What I wanted to announce to you today is that you are on your side and we are going to renew this fund. I said it was exceptional. During the COVID period. It doesn’t stop in the summer, so I’ll update it this summer and the following summers. It is an ongoing job and knows the commitments of local governments, federations, associations, neighborhood associations and therefore all these “summer neighborhoods” and “learning camps”. We will maintain and expand them with you. That’s what I wanted to tell you. In sports, it is very important to win medals, be proud and dream, but it is essential to live together with citizens who are healthy and respectful outside of school and school. For all these reasons, this is a strategy we want to pursue with the Minister and Government, and we will go further. We also thank our teachers, our great athletes and the principal for supporting these efforts with our federation. Thank you very much. This is the commitment I wanted to be with you. And once again thank our athletes for their names, their time, and their energy. Thank you very much.