PauNousty Sports Handball, deprived of holes following hail, activates “survival” mode

With the help of the Mayor of the Commune, he added, “We were so influenced by ourselves, our loved ones, and our home that we started measuring room damage in just four days after the hail episode.” I did. Claude Borde Baylac (equipment is municipal and does not just accommodate hands).

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After bad weather on June 20, Nusty Mayor Claude Borde Baylac at the town's sports hall.

After bad weather on June 20, Nusty Mayor Claude Borde Baylac at the town’s sports hall.

Jean-Philipge Geonet

The situation is very problematic for a handball club with about 350 licensees and 22 teams (including one of the highest level in the country (1 elite pool in the country)). From the point of view of the work to be done after the expert’s passage, the leader knows that it needs to be done without a room throughout the first half of the season until December.

Rooms and slots elsewhere

This has multiple consequences. From a sports perspective, it’s already a match, but it’s also all the training sessions of the week that must be relocated during this first part of the season. “Neighboring municipalities Andanne and Lee have already voluntarily offered to use slots in their rooms. It warms the heart and gives hope. Neighboring clubs and friends, Boldes, Asson and Bierre. “To see if they can accommodate us,” he said in 1998, “While working on Nusty’s room, we played Bagabond and the season to Lourdes, the construction period. But the club was spending a year preparing for it. It’s been a month, but training usually resumes at the end of July … “

On the sports side, PNS also seeks federation mercy for calendar adjustments (“But playing all the go-phases outside while waiting for our room is technically and mentally. Not possible). A particular match will be played in a room that is not approved in that category …

The manager says he isn’t too worried about his family’s willingness to continue his adventures in the club in the face of adversity, despite traveling to other rooms. That said, Po Nusty would have been successful without this misfortune, after already suffering from a staff decline following Covid.

“After Covid, to be precise, it was around the handball club that the town regained its vitality,” emphasized the mayor of the town, who is struggling to get started as soon as possible, and the sports hall is again in Nusty. Hit the heart faster.

Half of the budget

Beyond sports and social aspects, what is threatened today is the club’s overall financial balance. PNS has 5 full-time employees (2 coaches, 2 players, managers), apprentices, travel (especially 5 teams apart in the country), other incompressible costs such as arbitration costs You have to handle the cost of. Home games without multipurpose halls don’t play every night you can bring in money. And how to rate your partner when you can’t see the panel in our room or on your digital screen! These incomes are about 180,000 euros, or about half of the budget. During the next season, clubs needed to find new resources to boost their budget for the 2023-2024 fiscal year. The French Union requires a budget of at least € 500,000 to organize a club into an N1 elite group. “.

“Everyone’s efforts”

The PNS should have been happy to celebrate its 75th anniversary this year, but they have to wait and have already passed the milestone. “We intend to appeal to everyone’s solidarity, private partners, individuals, communities-municipal communities, departments, communities … we are all to maintain historic clubs and their values. Pau Nousty is Béarn, a licensee from the surrounding 50 municipalities, and three-quarters of the pennant team comes from here, “Jérôme Doubrère claims.