Pays de Lorient: Don’t Miss June Event-Lorient

  • 1. La Diagonale du Blavet, Saturday, June 4th and Sunday, June 5th

  • On Saturday, June 4th and Sunday, June 5th, many activities will be offered at Languidic, Quistinic and An Giang Zack Rocristo for the first edition of the Blavet River. Objective: To emphasize nautical activity. Thus, sliding sports are admired: kayaking, paddleboarding, canoeing … Locastel Island also hosts a sliding village with inflatable structures, skateboarding introductions and even sailing baptism.

  • 2. See you in the garden on 4th and 5th June

  • Have
    Chevassu Park welcomes visitors to Rendez-vousaux jardins. (Telegram / Philip Le Dref)

    Rendez-vousaux jardins is back in the 19th edition. Several events are held throughout France. The theme chosen this year is “Garden in the face of climate change”. In Lorient, Chevassu Park flourishes throughout the weekend with the Jardinsbleus project. Artistic workshops, walks and concerts are offered. Private gardens, such as the Hamaeude Lopriac garden in Kervinhak, are also open to the public. In Lorient’s country, visitors also have reservations at Kerlivio Park in Branderion.

  • 3. Terres de Nataé opens in Ponskolf in mid-June

  • Mini has discovered the first of its new places of life.
    The elephants in the land of Natae should attract many visitors as soon as they open in mid-June. (Telegram / Celine Le Strut)

    Natae’s land will finally open its doors to visitors. The old zoo of Pon Skolf should welcome the general public from mid-June. The park has not disclosed the exact date of opening, but in any case it is necessary to predict the opening. A visitor gauge will be set up to visit the park. “Up to 500 people on the first day. Tickets must be ordered online and dated,” said director Sébastien Musset. These gauges increase over time.

  • 4. June 11, Lorient-La Base Prologue for the Globe 40 World Tour

  • The Globe40 Prologue will begin on June 11th at Lorient-La Base.
    The Globe40 Prologue will begin on June 11th at Lorient-La Base. (Photo Thomas Deregnieaux)

    Lorient will host the prologue and finish of the Globe 40 World Tour in Tangier, Morocco on June 26, 2022. Class40 will compete in 8 stages in 9 months. Some duos who leave the world are familiar with Lorient. About 15 of them are based in the port of Labase and train all year round. The start of the Atlantic Fleet prologue, Lorient-Tangier (Morocco), will take place there on June 11.

  • 5. HK to hold a free concert at Lorient on June 26th

  • After two years of absence, the neighborhood party resonates again in the heart of Lorient’s Bois du Château Park on Sunday, June 26th. This year’s event is the arrival of Group HK, which will hold a special concert (and free!) From 9 pm. The neighborhood flourishes with bartering and flea markets starting at 8am on Sunday, with several workshops in the afternoon. The concert starts at 7 pm. The Sanjan Festival will be held on Saturday, June 25th by the neighborhood association of Bois du Château from 5 pm to 11 pm.

  • 6. Music festival from June 17th to 21st

  • Fête de la Musique is celebrated in several municipalities in the Lorient region. Lorient will be held on Tuesday, June 21st at 5pm. The program should be announced in a few days. At Lanester, residents will book in the Mandela-Darcy-September space from 6:30 pm to 11:30 pm on Friday, June 17th. The program gives all styles a place of pride. At Rokmie Kerrick, the party will be held from 5 pm on June 18th, with music events throughout the city. A party for everyone, led by merchants, associations, festival committees and the city. Find all upcoming appointments updated in your calendar.