Physical and Sporting Activities at Work: Publish Roadmap!

Although almost all adults are affected by lack of physical activity, the Ministry of Sports provides a roadmap aimed at developing physical activity and sports activity (APS) in the workplace. It comes with a variety of tools that employers can mobilize to move their employees.

Structuring public behavior to better support employers

According to a February study released by ANSES, the majority of adults are at risk of health due to inadequate levels of physical activity (“Lack of physical activity and excessive sedentary life: most”. All adults are concerned ”).

Faced with this disturbing observation, the Ministry of Sports wanted to catch the bull in the horn. Target? “” Train 3 million practitioners [d’une activité sportive] More by 2024.

1 person Currently, 18% of companies offer initiatives to support sports practice. However, paradoxically, the majority of employees (83%) want to engage in physical activity and sports during working hours.In addition, surveys show that both employees and employers In most cases, we are aware of the benefits of such practices.

Sports practices can improve quality of life (QVT) at work, improve the well-being and health of practitioners, as well as improve corporate productivity and profitability, and reduce absenteeism and turnover.APS in a professional environment An attractive element for companies.

The initiative is evolving, but Deep brakes remain » At the forefront are questions about the terms of practice, the ignorance and heterogeneity of employee and employer expectations, but also the lack of readability of the offer. However, the ministry points out the potential for strong development among SMEs.

The established roadmap is 10 major steps aimed at building public action to better support employers. They consist of both:

  • Actions aimed at simplifying the employer’s process (clarification of legal framework, creation of AFNOR standards, creation of digital tools, etc.).
  • Actions aimed at organizing local responses.
  • Cross-cutting actions to provide and measure information (national communication campaigns, national barometers, etc.).

The development of the roadmap is Semi-annual monitoring committee The goal is to ensure the deployment of various actions and to provide solutions to problems that arise during their implementation.

Voluntary Standards and Legal Guides for Employers

Among the main tools aimed at implementing this ambitious program, in particular AFNOR-SPEC S52-416 standardPublished in October 2021, we have established a common reference system that all actors can voluntarily refer to.It presents a set of Best practices and guidelines for setting up physical and sporting activities (APS) in the workplace.

APS is standardized as “ All means and actions taken by employers that contribute to the promotion of voluntary practice of APS for workers with the aim of maintaining and improving the overall health of the work environment. “

Legal guides for employers also specify an applicable normative framework and provide concrete and educational answers to the questions most frequently asked by employers. The theme addressed concerns about specific organizational skills, equipment for practicing APS, liability issues, and oversight of APS in a professional environment.

Remember that employers need to ensure the health and safety of their employees and take the necessary precautions. Prolonged screening work is not without its impact on occupational health. That’s why Tissot Edition provides information sheets about 15 minutes of safety, such as “Take care of your eyes” and “Take care of your back.”

Ministry of Sports Roadmap 2021-2024, Develop Physical and Sporting Activities in the Workplace
Physical and Sporting Activities at Work, AFNOR SPEC S52-416 Standards, October 2021
Ministry of Sport, normative framework applicable to physical and sporting activities in the workplace

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