Players of Vichy-Clermont, a “team of warriors” that provide a decisive match

This Wednesday, June 1st, at Pierre Kron’s Palais de Sport, Vichy Clermont Metropole’s Jeanne d’Arc had an overwhelming success against Blois (77-47). As a result, he will be able to hold an important meeting this Saturday in front of more than 2,800 heated spectators. You can see the finals of the playoffs and join the French basketball elite.

“”Real cauldron“From heaven. These are the words of the captain of the club’s oldest player, Vichy Clermont Metropole (JAVCM) in Jeanne d’Arc.”While joining Pro B, Final Four was filling the room.But yesterday they (supporters) played the role of the sixth man perfectly“.

In a crowded room up to the balcony, the determined players had all the ingredients there to make the night more beautiful. They have won the physical challenge thanks to the huge defensive pressure. Performance that brought about great fellowship.

But, as JAVCM coach Guillaume Vizade recalled, the hardest part hasn’t been done yet.There was a lot of energy and a lot of positive emotions […] It’s only one step, as you need to win to change the test of victory.“It’s the first time his players have fallen into this cleaver match situation,” he said.Our first final“I will describe the person on the Vichy-Clermont bench.

A huge heart, a warrior’s heart. Some people never give up.

Charles-Henri Bronchard

In the blower, his player saidKnife between teeth“,”Nothing to lose“It represents the captain of the team.”Warrior team“It’s also these terms that JAVCM Winger summarizes this season’s Auvergne Club course in Pro B.”We have a team that is probably less talented than the previous year, but we have a big heart and a warrior’s heart.There’s a guy who never gives up, and a good mix of passionate young players and experienced players. […] So it will be a good cocktail.“”

A mix that allows you to live the second playoffs since the club was founded. But the two guys want to be cautious. “”You also need to be humble, as you can go very fast in one direction or another. If you don’t respect the game, you will pay automatically.“”

Meanwhile, this Thursday, I focused on recovery before resuming training and leaving for Loire Echer. The important thing is to win the physical challenge again, and above all, “Stay as a team for 40 minutes […] Because the spiritual side becomes more important.“Playoff change behavior describes the JAVCM coach. Joining the next level”It transcends the player“.

In addition, they have to play matches every three days and follow a fast pace. “”This is a situation not known in the championship. That’s why you can’t start from scratch. No matter what happens, there are conflicts that are relevant and leave a mark.“Every game tells a new story.

Therefore, it is in their preferred hunter’s position to travel on Saturday for a decisive match. If you qualify for the final, JAVCM will meet the winner of the Gries-Souffel and Antibes match.

Anyway, 2021/2022 was full beyond their expectations. “”This season goes beyond our means and initial ambitions. The final goal left now is to achieve our dreams a little.“The dream they want to reach their goal: joining the French basketball elite.