Poey-de-Lescar: Sports Plane Validated Program Approval

This difference is justified by increased energy costs + € 9,000, purchase of maintenance supplies € 3,700 (Covid), work under control € 14,000, maintenance of roofs of public buildings + …

The difference is an increase in energy costs +9,000 euros, purchase of maintenance supplies € 3,700 (Covid), work under direct labor € 14,000, maintenance of roofs of public buildings +20 € 000, municipal police +9,900 euros. Increased labor costs for sick leave and exchanges.

Rate hike

The investment section presents a funding requirement of € 223,091 (a deficit of € 89,078, € 134,014 has not yet been realized).

Cumulative results obtained with an investment of € 651,514 cover this need and allow the allocation of € 428,423 to the investment section of 2022.

The editorial staff will advise

Property tax rates on pre-built and unconstructed real estate will evolve according to the targets set in 2021 to reach + 13% of the old municipal share in 2025. In this regard, it costs € 529,319 to balance the budget. The deliberated city council has set the 2022 tax rate at 26.57% for buildings and 49.74% for non-buildings.

The remuneration allocation paid by the urban area of ​​Po is set at € 129,704 (contribution to the SDIS budget of € 30,284).

€ 32,804 to the association

A € 7,000 operational grant will be awarded to CCAS for arranging meals for the elderly and creating year-end packages. The € 32,804 grant to the association is primarily related to: Récr’evasion (17,604 euros), Amicalelaïque (7,500 euros), ADMR (2,200 euros), Poey Animation (2,000 euros), Tennis Club (1,500 euros) Euro) etc.

The initial budget presented by the chapter detailed for a particular article was unanimously adopted: Operations € 1,700,000, Investment € 941,565.

Investment: Poey 117 Building roof renovation (350,000 euros), land purchase and stadium initial survey (80,000 euros), 1D Part of the work in the church (€ 40,000) will be funded by subsidies, support from Poe’s metropolitan area and municipalities. This includes relying on a € 200,000 loan voted by the city council.

Revision of PLUi

In operation: Take into account the increase in energy costs (+ 30% electricity, + 45% fuel). The rented municipal facility will be restored and / or improved for the purpose of a fair return of municipal rent (+ € 8,700). Labor costs (+13,000 euros) support an increase in FP index points, a year-end bonus. The allowances of the elected officials will be maintained.

Income represents a loss on DGF, compensated by increased property tax and distribution of compensation.

-The mayor proposes to change the conditions for making Joseph Tixid’s room available on April 15, 2022.

-The meeting will welcome new families from June 2022.

-A simplified revision of PLUi is underway and the consultation file will be available at the city hall during business hours.

Various points

-Pool of event materials: Standing tables and stools with the other 5 municipalities require the creation of an expense sharing contract.

-For day care animation, a contract with UFOLEP64 will be signed.

Road construction in -2022 costs € 30,823 and is eligible for a grant application.

-A simplified revision of PLUi is underway and the file can be found in the City Hall.

-Approval of programs and payment credits validated by the City Council for the activities of the Church from 2022 to 2025 for an amount of € 80,000.

Municipal Website: Additional information related to the progress of various files and the 2022 budget.

Rehabilitation of sports plains

Sportsplane rehabilitation and expansion is subject to program approval and payment credits for the 2022-2026 fiscal year validated by the city council, totaling € 2,500,000. This project aims to provide collaboration with new playgrounds and refurbished facilities.
The establishment of the Copil (steering committee), the appointment of project management support in early 2022, the ongoing purchase of adjacent land, and the first meeting with sports technicians are on track for a beautiful project.
Therefore, the 2022 schedule is organized in four stages: Pre-programming of project management contracts and completion of all investigations and diagnostics. The purpose of appointing a project manager. And finally, in two stages, the presentation of the project to the funders.