Police officer Arnaud B. was charged with the murder of his companion on suspicion of murder.

Arnaud B, a police officer, after surrendering three weeks after running all over France. Was charged on Thursday, February 24th. “Spouse murder”.. Arnaud, a young man with very short hair, wearing a black sweater and jeans surrounded by three police officers in a box at the end of January, allegedly strangled his fellow Amanda Glein.・ B is imprisoned. In a health prison in Paris.

Born in May 1992, the peacekeeper called the gendarmerie on Tuesday and reported his presence to his father’s house in Var. There he was arrested without hesitation and detained by police. Asked by a bystander in a discussion about the suspect’s imprisonment in front of a judge of freedom and detention in a court in Paris, some were held in a closed room, his lawyer did not want to speak. During his detention, “He explained the facts and his flight.”Reported sources close to the survey, without giving further details.

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The suspects were transferred to Paris on Tuesday night, where investigators heard the two suspects.When The district of the Paris Judicial Police responsible for the investigation. At the end of his police detention, he was presented to an investigative judge and, according to judicial sources, he charged him. “Intentional murder by spouse, housemate or partner”The situation gets worse.

“Let’s achieve justice”

Arnaud B. has been wanted since January 28, when he was found in a 19th century apartment.When As revealed by an autopsy, he died in a strangulation at the age of 28 in the Paris district of the body of his companion Amanda Glein.

The body of a young woman was found in the bathroom by a Parisian police officer who came to the suspect’s house in Branmenil, Seine-Saint-Denis. His colleague issued a warning because he had not seen him on duty.

Amanda Grain’s family asked in a statement to Agence France-Presse on Tuesday night. “Let’s justice for the inhumane acts inflicted on their beloved girl and those who continue to be sisters.”..She got “congratulation” Successful appeal to witnesses launched by an investigative judge “Finally it was allowed to put an end to this intolerable run.”..

But she “I regret that neither the investigators nor the prosecutors in Paris are spreading.” Immediately after such a call, “deficiency [qui] It facilitated the escape of the perpetrators and made a fatal contribution to increasing the suffering and fear of those near Amanda. “..

Already accused of domestic violence

The arrest was announced by the Minister of Interior on Tuesday morning. Gerald Dalmanin, Twitter.. Cars, service weapons, and Arnaud B at the parking lot of a fast food restaurant in Amiens on February 11 and 12, after a witness call launched on February 10. Two chargers have been discovered.

“Soon after the fact”According to judicial sources, police officers withdrew € 1,500 in Breteuil, Auvers, about 100 kilometers from the capital. On Saturday, a new witness call was broadcast with two new pictures of police officers trying to find him.

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At the same time, the Paris Police Department’s Didier Lallement requested an executive investigation into possible shortcomings with respect to the permits granted to police officers to carry weapons. He is known for domestic violence and his psychological vulnerabilities, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Arnaud B. was detained by police in October 2019 for violence against his partner at the time. He had received an alternative to prosecution, an awareness-raising course on domestic violence. Administratively, he was sanctioned with a simple warning. This is the lowest disciplinary action in public services and is not recorded in the agent’s file.

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