Political highlights on Tuesday, May 31

Within two weeks of the legislative election, the campaign has been stepped up for about 6,300 candidates. Including certain ministers of the Borne government, but despite the preliminary period imposed on them. Faced with the majority, the Left Alliance (Nupes) seems to emerge as the toughest enemy.

As part of that, the government is struggling to end the debate over the organization of the Champions League finals at the Stade de France. Gerald Dalmanin’s words, which asked British supporters again on Monday while assisting the police, caused a wave of resentful reactions throughout the channel.

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6:17 pm – Emmanuel Macron confirms the start of a “one month fact-finding mission on unscheduled care”

“If you ask me what I want to do, it’s about launching a one-month fact-finding mission on unscheduled care,” the head of state confirmed during an exchange with a caregiver who arrived in Cherbourg on Tuesday. I did a hospital center. Visits are coming as health officials fear a serious staff shortage by the summer.

4:23 pm – Incident in Stade de France: FFF and UEFA estimate “scanned counterfeit tickets” to be 2,800.

The French Football Federation and the UEFA have rated the number of “fake tickets scanned” at “2,800” on Saturday in the Champions League final in the Stade de France, a source close to the club told AFP on Tuesday. .. The FFF and UEFA conducted this assessment at a conference held at the Ministry of Sports on Monday with the aim of drawing lessons from the blunders of the conference.

The number of supporters who brought no fake tickets or fake tickets to the Stade de France is the main explanation proposed by Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin to explain the case. He will be heard in the Senate on Wednesday.

1:40 pm – Olivier Fall replies to Francois Hollande

PS’s first secretary responded the day before to a former head of state who sharply criticized the Nupe program as “unable to run.”

1:10 pm – Gerald Dharmanin attacked by critics

The explanation provided on Monday by the Minister of Interior following the clashes and turmoil of the Champions League final on Saturday night did not convince the right and the far right. They are taking this unexpected opportunity to double their criticism of Gerald Dalmanin and look to legislative elections.

12:01 pm – Stade de France incident: information warned of risk

Intelligence services warned authorities about the risks surrounding the match two days before the Champions League final, while executives were criticized after a clash near the Stade de France on Saturday. According to a note from the National Division for the Fight against Hooliganism (DNLH) dated May 25, which AFP knows, it is a ticket or “in possession of a counterfeit ticket.”

11:34 am – Incident in Stade de France: Minister heard in Senate tomorrow

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin and Sports Minister Amelie Udea Castella will hear from the Cultural Law Commission in the Senate tomorrow at 4:30 pm. After a number of incidents near the Stade de France on Saturday, they had to explain themselves and had difficulty accessing the event, which delayed the start of the match by 35 minutes.

10:51 am – Legislation: Fixed a bug where French people living abroad couldn’t vote online

According to Le Parisien, voters who failed to vote in the legislative elections on the Internet may be offered to those on the list of consulates. “A technical solution has been identified and implemented,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in an email to stakeholders.

10:29 am – The government is pleased that France will continue to be Europe’s first foreign investment destination.

With more than 1,220 investment decisions in 2021, France widened the gap at the top of the European rankings announced by EY on Tuesday, even though the projects it received created fewer jobs than in other countries. “I’m proud,” he greeted President Emmanuel Macron.

Agnès Pannier-Runacher, who is currently in charge of energy planning for the past five years, praised the “confirmed relocation movement” and “government reforms that seem to be effective.” “Since 2017, our economic choices have been right,” his part defended Minister of Economy Bruno Le Mer. “The level reached is historic. Let’s continue to transform our economy!” He wrote on Twitter.

10:19 am – Anne Hidalgo (PS) is struck by Rachida Dati (LR) who has returned to the Paris Council.

On an occasion of order, Rachida Dati, the mayor of the 7th arrondissement of Paris and the leader of the right-wing opposition to the Paris Council, attacked the mayor of Paris and defeated the candidates head-on in the elections. President Anne Hidalgo. “Paris will bore you, Parisians will bore you,” the elected Republican accused the Socialist councilor of her “low attendance.” “This presence is as anecdotal as your score of 1.7% in the presidential election,” she added.

10:04 am – Price increase: “Government is incompetent” accused Adrian Quatenens (LFI)

North Insoumis, a candidate for reelection, said in the Senate that he was “unbearable” and said, “When the French were caught in the throat, the fuel was € 2 and the price of pasta rose 44%. The government hasn’t taken any steps so far, but at the same time, CAC40’s shareholder dividends will increase by 84% compared to last year. ” “There are immediate exceptions to take, especially the price blockade,” continued Adrian Kuatenen. “The policy of small checks taken from JFC for private sector rent is unacceptable,” he added.

9:49 am – Borrower insurance reforms over the last five years have been welcomed

According to Céline Lis-Raoux, founder of the Cancer Patient Defense Association RoseUp, the law on borrower insurance is great news not only for people with cancer, but also for people with chronic illnesses.

09:32 – CGT changes Secretary-General

Philippe Martinez, CGT’s Secretary-General, will not represent himself at the Central Conference in March and proposes that Marie Buison, the number one in the Education Federation, will replace him.

09:02 – Inflation continues in France and purchasing power is declining

Purchasing power is France’s main concern, and the fight against rising prices is one of the major projects awaiting the next government, but inflation was stronger than expected in May, setting a new record. Prices rose 0.7% compared to April, with annual inflation rising from 4.8% in April to 5.2%. Household purchasing power fell 1.8% in quarterly prices from 1.1% in the fourth quarter of 2021.

8:45 am – Gerald Dalmanin, Jordan Bardere’s “morbid liar”

“The Minister of the Interior is a morbid liar and is beginning to be frankly worried,” said the President of the National Rally of France Inter. “The person responsible for the chaotic scene […] It’s the ticket office. So we are at risk of a diplomatic case with Britain, not Seine-Saint-Denis, because we are afraid of reaction. I am deeply worried about it. “

8:40 am – Stade de France: Gerald Darmanin’s version is “false and misleading,” says Eric Shiotti.

“Everyone knows that the Minister of Interior version is completely false and misleading,” assured a former candidate for France 2’s LR Primary. “What happened is humiliating for our country. We cannot hold a major international conference on the eve of the Olympics. […] France has shown that it cannot ensure the safety and organization of sporting events, “he regretted. “We need a parliamentary investigative committee. The Senate already wants it. It will be needed in parliament,” he insisted.

8:30 am – Anne Hidalgo’s delicate return to the Paris Parliament

The Mayor of Paris has returned to politics in the city council, which lasts until Friday, a month and a half after the presidential election blunder. The atmosphere is tense and the opponents have already announced the colors. For example, in an interview with “Jambon-beur”, Rachida Dati, the mayor of LR in District 7, estimated that city council members were “no longer legitimate.”

8am – Valerie Pécrès completes call for donations

The former LR presidential candidate, who had to raise these funds until May 31, received 3.3 million donations from individuals, his aides told AFP. In addition to this, there are 1.2 million euros donated by Les Républicains and 600,000 euros paid by the state for scores below 5%, paving the way for refunds of campaign costs.

07:45 – Emmanuel Macron at the bedside of a hospital in Cherbourg

The Head of State will go to the Cherbourg Hospital Center with Health Minister Bridget Bourguignon to focus on “access to emergency and unplanned care,” Elysee said. According to a press release, he will discuss “access to care in both hospital emergencies and urban health care” during this trip.

Emmanuel Macron “performed work methods and coordination between cities and hospitals” “in the same field of life” “all players” of health (emergency doctors, nurses, general practitioners, hospitals, ARS managers) Meet “Guarantee access to emergency and unplanned care”.

07:30 – LR is not out of the forest yet

Rights are under threat of useful voting in favor of Emmanuel Macron in legislative and presidential elections in the face of the dangers of Jean-Luc Melenchon. With some escapes.

Highlights of the previous day:

> According to Gerald Darmanin, the incident at the Stade de France is due to a “massive fraud”

At a press conference, the Interior Minister accused “massive, industrial and systematic counterfeit ticket fraud” in the Champions League final, where numerous incidents occurred on Saturday night around the Stade de France. ..

“We found that 30,000 to 40,000 British supporters were in the Stade de France without tickets or with forged tickets,” he was organized for these dysfunctions. Added after the inter-ministerial meeting.

> Launch of official legislative campaign

It’s the resurrection of the sign, and it’s time to work hard for the candidate. The official campaign for the legislative elections on June 12th and 19th has begun. In particular, with the agreement on the left, nearly 6,300 candidates have won 577 seats, 20% less than in 2017.