Polynesia signs treaty to organize surfing events.

Polynesia and the organizing committee of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games are set to sign next week in the presence of Tony Estangue, a treaty to organize an Olympic surfing event on the waves of Tahiti’s Teahupoo, AFP said on Monday. I informed the Minister. The sport of this overseas community.

“We have met with each other (…) President (Edouard) Fritch and asked ourselves if we are really going there because the treaty has not yet been signed. But it is decided to play these games ”Tahitian footballer and vice-world beach soccer champion Naea Bennett, told AFP last February that she was appointed the French Polynesian government’s minister of sports.

On this occasion, Tony Estanguet, President of Paris-2024, will race Tahiti from 11th to 16th August on the penultimate stage of the World Surfing Circuit, the Outerknown Tahiti Pro (11th to 21st August). I will visit For the first time since 2006, the women’s world circuit stage will also be contested.

Planned site for the 2024 Olympic surfing event, Teahupoo is a quiet, green little village on the Tahiti Peninsula. Access to the site is via a footbridge over the river.

“During the crisis we are going through, we asked ourselves the adequacy of major investments, but ultimately these adjustments would have been made anyway.”said Bennett.

Therefore, Teahupoo Marina will be renovated. On the one hand, some developments are rejected by some residents.

A residential area will be set up after the river, and only a pedestrian bridge will be set up. “The residents did not agree to build the bridge, so we are not going to do it. Four-wheel drive vehicles can cross the river. We will continue like this,” he said. said Naea Bennett.

Since it is not possible to build accommodation for athletes on site, the local government plans to refurbish a hotel located 13 kilometers from the surf spot, although the duration of the work is not yet known. “If you’re not ready, there’s another option: a cruise ship like Paul Gauguin or Aranui.”the sports minister said. All competitors must be accommodated in the same way.

One road with one lane in each direction leads to the mouth of the river on the other side of the surf spot. Not extended. “To avoid traffic jams, the website is not open to the public and is only available to authorized persons.”said Bennett.

“Despite the resistance, I am happy to see our wave spread around the world once the Olympics are held.”the Minister concluded.

Environmental groups remain on hold. “Yes to the Olympics, zero impact” Cindy Otcenasek, President of the Vai Ara o Teahupoo Association lamented the lack of communication. “We haven’t had anything concrete for two years, so it’s hard to say they have to present a project..

“I think the Olympics are very good, but they shouldn’t turn everything upside down.”warns Annick Paofay, president of the Fenua Aihele Defense Association, the roughest coast of the Tahiti peninsula. “For example, we shouldn’t change the river bed. It has small waves and is good for small competitions. I don’t want to change it.”.

These associations hope that the shoreline will not be altered, the lagoon will not be dredged, and the coral potatoes will not be moved.

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