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In the case of victory, facing Turkey, then Italy, or North Macedonia, Portugal has qualified for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.A barrage of life and death that could mark the end of the international career of several executives select If the result is negative. Among them, a certain Cristiano Ronaldo.

That’s a question that Portuguese fans don’t dare to ask. Still deep, everyone is wondering: Was it the last international convention of Euro 2020 Cristiano Ronaldo? Manchester United strikers do 3000 abdominal muscles a day and may feel like a young man. He has just celebrated 37 years. Also, this World Cup in Qatar sounded like the end of an adventure with Portugal. He broke the record of choice goals. The problem, the lack of VAR in Serbia, and the air pockets for these same Serbs returning during qualifying confused his plans, select Among the obstacles, we are jeopardizing our chances of arriving in Qatar. But Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t the only one who may have checked to resign this World Cup internationally. Like him, Rui Patrício (34), Pepe (39) -absent from Turks due to positive Covid test-, Jose Fonte (38), João Moutinho (35) in Turkey and Italy If you lose, you may retire internationally. Except that five men are not going to leave a failure. Especially because they know these games where defeat is forbidden. And that they are good at this exercise.

Blood dam

Fernando Santos has been optimistic since the match against Serbia (1-2) on November 14, 2021 in the final qualifying match of the 2022 World Cup. “My team will be in the World Cup. It’s guaranteed. It only goes through the playoffs, which is unusual. »» The last time the Portuguese coach was convinced of himself was when his team announced that they would win Euro 2016 at the start of the tournament … when Fernando Santos mentioned the dam, he had a chance. Did not know that would come. Take him to Turkey, and potentially to the recent European champion Italy. But this draw clearly did not undermine his optimism. “Our players are used to putting pressure and playing endangered games. This pressure has a positive impact on us. 11 million Portuguese. I want to smile. »» And for good reason, Portugal is a regular in the playoffs, which has always won in recent years. 2010 World Cup (1-0, 1-0 against Bosnia and Herzegovina), Euro 2012 (0-0, 6-2 again against Bosnia and Herzegovina), or 2014 World Cup (1-0) , 3-2 vs. Sweden). You can also add the final group match against Switzerland in the 2018 World Cup qualifying, where victory is essential (2-0). So many matches in which Pepe (postponed due to the possibility of a final against Italy or North Macedonia) participated. Meanwhile, Ronaldo, who was injured in 2009, stood on the ground in 2011, 2013 and 2017. Like his friends Rui Patrício and João Moutinho. Fernando Santos will rely on their experience and Euro 2016 (10 European champions on the list), where Portugal often returned to the wall to continue this good series in the playoffs.

Golden youth

Therefore, Fernando Santos facing Turkey should have Jose Fonte, João Moutinho, Rui Patrício and Cristiano Ronaldo. But William Carvalho, Cedric Soares, and perhaps even Danilo Pereira in Central Defense. If an avid smoker needs to fall, he wants to do it over and over again with a frame that has saved his skin. If eliminated, Portuguese supporters will find it difficult to dry their tears. Especially if the number of international retirement announcements surges. But the future of Amalia Rodriguez’s country looks bright. All you have to do is look at the results of the youth team (Euro U21 2021 finalists, Euro U19 2018 and Euro U17 2016 winners) and the children participating in this playoff selection. From Porto goalkeeper Diogo Costa (22) to PSG full-back Nuno Mendes (19), central defenders Gonçalo Inacio (20) and Tiago Jaro (21), midfielder Vitinha (22) and Mateus. -Rafael Leão (22) and João Félix (22) via Nunoes (23). So many young shoots ready to take over. As in the middle generation-Ruben Dias (24), Renato Sanches (24), João Cancelo (27), Bernardo Silva (27), Bruno Fernandes (27), Diogo Jota (25), Andre Silva, 26-Waiting to take control when the captain leaves, as most of them are clearly unable to release themselves in the shadow of veterans. But they need to show their benefits during this barrage. Don’t let the transition happen with tears.

Stephen Riuler