President 2022: Is it possible to postpone the election due to the war in Ukraine?

Elysee's competition is intensifying.
The presidential election will be held from April 10th to 24th, 2022. (© Illustration / Adob ​​eStock)

Recently, the president has (further) moved to the background. And for good reason, Russia invades Ukraine Not only Elysee’s competition, but the entire European geopolitics has become confused.

Ukrainian towns have been bombed and hundreds of thousands of civilians have fled the country. France is firmly opposed to these events, which are described as aggression. Especially because Emmanuel Macron is currently the Presidency of the European Union.

Therefore, the current president, who is not yet a candidate, is turning his head to Ukraine rather than elections.

In this context, the campaign must already be very sluggish, but the situation is so difficult that it seems to be annexed even more today.

Questions occur regularly in this context. Is it possible to postpone the presidential election?

What is the date?

Elections are currently scheduled April 10th and 24th, 2022.. However, if a slight postponement is possible, it will be closely monitored.

Indeed, Article 7 of the Constitution requires that elections take place at least 20 days and up to 35 days before the expiration of the powers of the President of the Republic.

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Emmanuel Macron’s mission will continue until May 13, 2022. Therefore, the election could not be held after Sunday, April 17th. In this scenario, the second round will take place on April May.

Postponed for one week It would be technically possible under the Constitution.

However, the election can be postponed

However, in some cases Elections can be postponedHowever, these conditions relate to the candidate and the war in Ukraine does not fit these scenarios. Article 7 of the Constitution explicitly states these scenarios.

  • “Before the first round, if one of the candidates dies or is thwarted, the Constitutional Council declares that the election will be postponed.” »»
  • “If one of the two most favored candidates in the first round before withdrawal dies or becomes incapacitated, the Constitutional Council declares that all campaigns must be carried out again. The same is true if one of the two candidates dies or fails to attend the second round. »»

The Constitutional Council will also postpone the election to one of those who publicly announced the decision to be a candidate under the age of 30 in the seven days prior to the candidate’s submission deadline (March 4, this year). May decide. A few days before this deadline, you either die or cannot.

How about the constitutional amendment?

There is a solution to completely change the election dates for the Ukrainian War. The Constitution, in particular Article 6, which states that “the President of the Republic is directly elected by universal suffrage for five years,” needs to be amended.

This requires the adoption of a draft constitution that includes voting of the same text by parliament, the Senate, and parliamentary meetings in parliament.

“This presupposes a minimal bipartisan agreement,” said constitutionalist Jean-Philippe Delossier. Senate.

What if Emmanuel Macron did his best?

Article 16 of the Constitution is written by the President of the Republic Can take full power If there is Serious and imminent threat The system of the republic, the independence of the state, the integrity of its territory or the execution of its international commitments, and the normal functioning of constitutional public power will be disrupted. ”

But the war is in Ukraine, not in France, which is not directly affected by the conflict.

But even in this case, “President of the Republic Constitutional amendment cannot be initiated or pursued“, Guarantee the location of the Constitutional Council in accordance with the 1992 Case Law.

Therefore, it is highly unlikely that the election will be postponed. And that wouldn’t be desirable for the blog author, constitutionalist Jean-Philippe de Rossier. The constitution was deciphered.. ” this is Basic democratic acts this is, Army staff He is the president, as he explains in a video posted on Twitter.

According to him, in order for the future president to have legitimacy, and especially in the conflict in Ukraine, “this democratic moment needs to be able to occur when planned.” April 10th and 24th.

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