President: French refuse to retire at 65, largely proposed by Emmanuel Macron

With the announcement of his campaign proposal, Emmanuel Macron’s “flag” effect seems to have diminished slightly. French people generally take a rather negative view of the project presented by the president-elect at a press conference last Thursday, according to a BFMTV and L’Express Elabe poll released Tuesday. I am.

Two-thirds (66%) of French believe that the 2022 project is “neither innovative nor innovative.” The majority (61%) believe that they cannot live up to the expectations of the French and do not improve their daily lives, and 56% do not believe that they will improve the economic situation in France.


“In the last three weeks, the president has outperformed the candidate,” said Bernard Sananes, president of Elabe. When the campaign resumed that right, the candidate was successful in getting into moderation. We always say a second mission about what to do and what to do differently. There, the French do not imagine “Macron 2”, which is different from “Macron 1”. »»

Eight out of ten French (78%) believe that if re-elected, his second term is rather a continuation of his first term. “They also judge the program and balance sheet-because they mix the two a bit-rather on the right, continue pollsters, but paradoxically.” »»

Split pension reform

Specifically, it is a proposal to return the statutory retirement age to 65, and the most negative judgment has been made. 69% of the French people are against it. And, of course, it’s the most politically divisive measure. Candidate LR Valerie Macron’s voter candidate has the most advantage (61%) – she must say she registered it very early in the project – followed by other voters more clearly opposed Of Emmanuel Macron (55%) when doing.

The majority of French, on the other hand, are sometimes very large and positively judge other proposals that have been tested, especially those regarding purchasing power. This is especially true if the full career raises the minimum pension to € 1,100 (88%), exempts inheritance tax of up to € 150,000 per child (84%) and abolishes royalties (83%). increase. ). Almost all French (92%) support the proposal to hire 50,000 nurses and caregivers in nursing homes.

Majority of RSA or “teacher agreement”

RSA’s potentially explosive reforms are subject to 15-20 hours of activity and training per week and are extensively supported (72%), with the exception of Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s potential voters. It’s the same idea that the candidate’s presentation last Thursday will increase teachers in exchange for a new quota (63% advantage) that may have frustrated teachers.

Paying social benefits at the source is also supported by 67% of French, this time with the exception of candidate Reconquête voters. Eric Zemmour.

If Emmanuel Macron stays at the top of the polls in this Elabe poll with 27.5%, RN candidate Marine Le Pen will drop 3.5 points in a week, even if he regains his position at 20% (+2 points). He is watching

“In the discussion, some measures were injected, except for pensions. When he retired at age 65, the opposition revived and progressed by Jean-Luc Melenchon and Marine Le Pen. Therefore, according to Bernard Sananes’ analysis, it has both a retirement effect and a purchasing power and social situation effect in favor of Marine Le Pen. »»

At TF1 on Monday evening, Prime Minister Jean Castex also considered new measures for purchasing power after July 31 (a device to reduce the price of pumps by 15 cents) during the reelection. More specifically, it targets people who commute by car and the most modest households. Signs of constant concern about the delicate problem of inflation.