President: Macron or him … in Paris, Melenchon forces a second round campaign

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Jean-Luc Mélenchon has definitely checked the date of March 20th for a long time. Already in 2017, his march to the Sixth Republic has definitely launched his campaign. It was she who caused the fascinating rise for weeks in her vote, scoring a little over 12% to 19% on the night of her first round.

Candidates for the popular union closed their eyes and signed to recreate the scenario. It also shows near the same threshold of 12% of voting intentions. And if there are only three weeks left until the first round, Jean-Luc Melenchon knows that he probably doesn’t need to finish at 19% to qualify. His only goal now.

Tens of thousands responded to Insoumis’s call. “I dedicate this popular rally to the resistance of the Ukrainian people to the Russian invasion and to the brave Russians who resist the war and dictatorship in their own country,” immediately Bouches-du-Rhone. Launched a surrogate. At Place de la République, Melenchon knew only one opponent this Sunday. Emmanuel Macron. “This vote is a social referendum, you were warned!” He attacked in a three-piece suit. His voice was strong and reassuring. “Retired at age 65! Retired at age 65. Retired at age 65! “: Jean-Luc Melenchon was implemented by the head of state before promising to sign a decree recording a minimum wage increase to € 1,400 and a price freeze on the first day of the president. Supporting the project. The crowd gathered around the statue of the Republic rejoices.

Two world reviews

Through his speech, Jean-Luc Melenchon set out to prepare for this match against Emmanuel Macron. In polls, he’s currently behind Marine Le Pen, but he’s on a par with Eric Zemmour and Valerie Pécrès. He depends on his dynamics.

The candidate then considers these two worlds, the two visions of the society in which the French are responsible for deciding which one. There is a majority of it going out. Therefore, according to him, that of social damage. But also about the destruction of the school at work. He blames the “knowledge market”. It will mark the end of the school of the Republic and the only inseparable French. He promises him not only the abolition of Parcoursup, but also the abolition of all diplomas that would not have national value.

The world of Emmanuel Macron will also be an authoritarian. Melenchon has been strangled against all recent laws on the maintenance of security and order for the 44 months spent since 2015 under the state of emergency. And against the “police violence” that took place during the Yellow Vest movement. In response, he opposes his desire to pardon the accused Yellow Vest to reclassify and compensate victims of disconnection and blindness. “Not to mention the reintegration of caregivers expelled from the hospital. »»

Is the world of Emmanuel Macron ecological? Melenchon is fun. He is teasing a member of the government who talks about ecological planning. “Let them start by planning their own outing. Let them speak in our words. They spread them! They sprinkle them! He is in imminent danger. In the face of, we believe that the urgency to act is absolute. “The order of the world will change. Lots. Within 10 years, what you see will be greatly reshaped. He. “Climate change would have hit,” he said, saying that “millions,” if not “billions,” of refugees are coming to the world.

The project of Melenchon will be bright. That of Emmanuel Macron is much darker. “While I was talking, a planetary event happened,” he concludes. It was the spring equinox at 4:33 pm. From that point on, you’ll win all night during the day! The sun has won! However, be careful. However, political predictions are probably not as accurate as astronomical orbits.