President: TF1 broadcasts “Les Visiteurs” on the night of the first round, not the night of the full election

Television-The first round of the presidential election will take place on April 10, and for the first time in its history, TF1 will not devote the entire night to it. The presentation of this political event will be commissioned to Gilles Bouleau and Anne-Claire Coudray from 6:30 pm to 9:20 pm.

The set will be attended by Adrian Gindle, Head of Political Affairs for the Group, and Frederick Davi, General Manager of IFOP, who will provide the first estimate of French participation and present TF1 in a press release. Then, at 8 pm, the presenter welcomes “the leading leaders, spokespersons and supporters of the candidate in French political life”. Envoys will also be dispatched to each candidate’s headquarters and several major cities.

And that’s all. Election Night ends around 9:20 pm, giving way to Jean-Marie Poiret’s comedy “Visitors,” released in 1993 with the cast of Jean Reno, Marie Anne Chazel, and Christian Clavier. The first channel isn’t completely devoting the night to an election event, and it’s the first time that decision has made people sick.

Thierry Thuillier, Deputy Managing Director of Information at TF1 Group, justifies this choice by evolving viewer expectations with the increased availability of political analytics on news channels.

“As a major channel … I think it may have provided all the facts, results, reactions and comments during the hot hours of an hour and a half (from the formalization of the results at 8 pm, from the editor’s notes). “He told AFP. “This allows those who want to entertain to stay in TF1 for the movie, and those who want to go further with LCI,” he continues.

Several politicians responded to humor and criticism, including former Minister Cécile Dufro, Deputy Minister Clementine Oten, and even RN MEP Matilde Andrewe.

TF1 isn’t the only channel that doesn’t devote the entire night to this first round. As part of that, M6 will broadcast “Asterix and Obelix Serving His Majesty”. The channel will first air an expanded version of “19:45” jointly announced by RTL political journalists Nathalie Renoux and Olivier Bost. As with TF1, a live show from the candidate’s headquarters will be provided to viewers to bring the progress of this election to life from the inside out before the comedy by Laurent Tirard is broadcast.

In public service, France 2 will install a special device by advancing the newspaper at 7:25 pm for just 5 minutes. The Mini JT, which airs an hour after Anne-Sophie Lapix and Laurent Delahousse air, actually starts at 7:30 pm and gives way to election nights that end at midnight.

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