Presidential candidate unconditionally condemns Russia’s attack

On Wednesday, February 23, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo and French Ambassador to Ukraine Vadim Omerchenko are in front of the Paris City Hall.

Presidential candidates Eric Zemmour (reconquer!), Jean-Luc Melenchon (French Communist Party), Fabien Roussel (French Communist Party), Anne Hidalgo (Socialist Party), Valerie Pécrès (Republican Party), Christian Taubila A left-wing candidate accused on Thursday, February 24, of Russia’s operations in Ukraine, calling for the use of all diplomatic methods to restore peace.

Latest live information: Russia has launched an invasion of Ukraine, an explosion in Kiev and several major cities

The far-right candidate Eric Zemmour’s team told Agence France-Presse “Unconditionally condemn Russia’s military intervention that began in Ukraine last night.”.. “There is no justification for Russia’s launch of a military operation against Ukraine that upsets the balance of peace in Europe. She must be explicitly condemned.Marine Le Pen commented in a press release.

Valerie Pécrès on the right “Criminated by the strongest words” the “War started by Russia in Ukraine”. The Republican candidate estimated in a tweet: “The response from France and Europe must be lively, coordinated and rigorous.”..

On the left, candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon called for using this method in a press release. “Diplomatic” to get “Immediate ceasefire and withdrawal of all foreign troops from Ukraine”Use“Immediate Meeting of European Security Cooperation Organizations” (OSCE) and deliberations “emergency” Of UN agencies. “France should take the lead in diplomatic conferences with the support of the United Nations.”Believe in the candidates for the National Union.

“Russia is attacking Ukraine. A purely violent initiative that represents a desire for immense power. It causes intolerable escalations.” And you don’t have to “First and foremost, do not agree to participate in climbing. No returns.”Melencheon estimates that he arrived at Reunion Island on Thursday morning.

“Brutal attack”

Socialist candidate Anne Hidalgo “Blame[é] I put all my energy into the brutal attack ordered by Vladimir Putin. “ Called “Reacts firmly to this unjust and criminal act.”.. “In these dark times for peace and Europe, I express solidarity and support with Ukraine and its people.”, She added to twitter.. “It’s a war” When “It is this height that France, the European Union, the Council of Europe, the OSCE and the United Nations have to deal with.”There were a lot of ex-keepers of Seal Christiane Taubira on the same social network.

Communist candidate Fabien Roussel accused France 2 “Declaration of war” When “Very serious decision” Vladimir Putin “Do everything you can to disarm your army (…), Don’t go any further. ” He has Vladimir Putin “Nationalist President, Tough”Not only blamed Kiev “I didn’t want to respect the Minsk Agreement.”, Signed in 2015. In addition, Valerie Labeau, president of the Socialist Party group in Parliament, estimated on Twitter:“You shouldn’t hesitate anymore. Europe has the means to thwart Russia’s banking system and provide logistical and military support to Ukraine.”..

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Short speeches by all Presidents of the Parliamentary Group were organized in parliament shortly before the debate planned under Article 50-1 of the Constitution on the Health Crisis Desired by the Government. “President Putin has made a very serious decision to ensure that the war will once again take place at the gates of the European territory, the European Union.”Lamented Pascal Brindeau of the Union of Democrats and Independence Group. “Supporting the Initiative of the President of the Republic”..

“This situation is very serious and our idea is clearly in the Ukrainian people, but it is not only serious for Ukraine. It is actually serious for the whole world.”Also pointed out, Olivier Becht, an adjutant of Oran (law). Some MEPs are calling for the organization of similar debates on the Ukrainian crisis.

Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, from Wednesday to Thursday night, “Military operations” In Ukraine, where powerful explosions and air patrol sirens rang in some cities, Kiev “Large aggression” It was in progress.Emmanuel Macron in Moscow “End military operations immediately”And summoned the Defense Council at 9 am. “France is in solidarity with Ukraine. It stands with the Ukrainians and works with their partners and allies to end the war.”, Add head of state to Twitter..

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