Presidential election confused by the Ukrainian war

Politics-The presidential election was already suspended in January by the wave of Omicron. Now, the war in Ukraine is disrupting French political life 42 days before the first round of April 10. In this regard, it takes less than a week to see if you’re on the voter list. Follow the steps here.

Since Thursday, February 24, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at a rate that most analysts did not anticipate, it is arguably the agenda of the majority of future candidates, President Macron, and has been upside down. increase. And, for good reason, the Head of State, in addition to telephone interviews with summits and world leaders, has economic and financial sanctions in Europe, refugee control, and the strengthening of NATO’s defense military weapons at the Ukrainian border. We are fighting in every aspect.

Castex takes over the national scene from Macron

As a result, he reviewed his national agenda, which was lightened for several days to focus internationally. Jean Castex will take his place at Cliff Dinner on Friday night. On Saturday morning, the president spends a very early morning at Salon de Lagriculture, not a full day, asserting that “the war will continue” in front of the peasants.

It’s Jean Castex again to take over the show aisle to meet breeders and producers. He drinks rum and tastes the product, but the crisis is still there. “In Ukraine, there is a new crisis before us. It’s a health crisis that isn’t completely over. The philosophy is the same. We don’t disappoint farmers or others,” the Prime Minister guarantees. According to Matignon’s adviser, he received “national political forces” on Monday, February 28, and it is still him who provides “the highest level of information” about the current war.

The left is divided by support for Ukraine

On the opposition side, the war crashes in public debate and diaries and invites itself. Janic Jadot canceled a public meeting scheduled for Friday at Clermont-Ferrand, and the next day at a peace rally at Place de la République in Paris, Christiane Taubila, Raphaël Glucksman and his boss Olivier Faure. He expressed his support for Ukraine with Fall. Of PS.

PS and Greens have agreed on one point. Ukrainians need to be equipped with defensive equipment, stay in NATO and strengthen EU sanctions. It is the exact opposite of Jean-Luc Melenchon and Ségolène Royale, who joined him and accused him of “going to war” targeting Jadot and Hidalgo. On his side, Sunday guest in French 3 politics, Yannick Jadot gives points to the President of France by presuming that the sanctions taken on Saturday are “going in the right direction.”

Yellow and blue colors, rooms with French and European flags: The war in Ukraine turned Anne Hidalgo’s meeting in Bordeaux on Friday night into a plea “against Ukraine’s defense, Europe, and nationalism.” .. “We are with you, Ukrainian people!” She launched from the beginning of the speech. An aide to AFP, a Socialist candidate, said “the entire speech was revised” for international news.

Blue and yellow conference

Insoumis spent the weekend trying to counter criticism from all sides, including the left side, emerging from an old tweet by Jean-Luc Melenchon blaming the Vladimir Putin administration. A subject that can embarrass candidates who were dynamic in polls before the outbreak of war. The latter blamed Emmanuel Macron’s “mistake” during the crisis from the Reunion he was traveling to and asked him not to play “a little or big boy with a bow and arrow.”

Valerie Pécrès did not lead the major towing work scheduled for this weekend, but continued the public meeting in Caen, Normandy. Again, the war was invited to a meeting of LR candidates. Due to his former proximity to Russia, the candidate had the opportunity to fight three opponents she considered “disqualified”: Marine Le Pen, Eric Zemmour and Jean-Luc Melenchon. crisis.

A small sentence of Boomerang’s Zemur

“I dream of Poutine in France,” declared Eric Zemmour in 2018. This phrase circulates around social networks and opponents’ cabbage. Candidate “Reconquest!” Did not confuse his campaign plan. He continued the meeting in Chambéry on February 25, explaining that “Europe has war, but France has no war.” In his speech, former controversies point out the US responsibility to “push NATO’s borders further every time” rather than taking Ukraine’s one-sided defense.

Shortly after the weekend, the right-most candidate sent an open letter to Emmanuel Macron, offering to appoint two messengers for peace. François Mitterrand’s diplomatic advisor.

Over the weekend, candidate proponents pushed the keyword “peace with Zemmour” on Twitter to counter “Vladimir Zemmour,” which Valerie Pécrès’ relatives were trying to push on the same social network. His praise for Russian leaders, As you can see in the video below..

Marine Le Pen remains cautious and has good reason. Candidate RN stopped the campaign last week before the Russian invasion and focused on collecting the missing sponsorships. During the last count of the Constitutional Council, it was delayed by nearly 100 signatures from the mayor. She got what she announced on Sunday that she would send the sponsor of François Bayle, Mayor of Pau and President of MoDem, “in the name of democracy.”

The campaign seems to be continuing despite everything, and Emmanuel Macron must officially announce his candidacy this week. He welcomed two new supporters, Renault Musurier, a former LR president of the Paca region, and Jean-Pierre Chevenement, a former sovereign presidential candidate. “We want him to be a candidate, but because of the international context, he is the only one to set and choose the date,” we breathe into the presidential majority campaign team. Blow in.

According to Marseille political scientist Nicholas Maisetti, on Saturday, February 5, Cheong Wa Dae was planning to launch a campaign in Marseille. A meeting was scheduled for a city in the south, but according to our information, the possibility of a postponement is clearly under consideration. Starting this Monday, February 28, Emmanuel Macron will chair a new defense and national security council that keeps him even further away from the campaign’s cataclysms.

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