President’s Live: Zemur will hold its final meeting dedicated to young people in Paris on Thursday


  • The first round is this Sunday, 5 days.
  • Emmanuel Macron will not eventually participate in the Elysee 2022 program in France 2 tonight. His aides were justified by emphasizing the issue on the agenda.
  • Valerie Pécrès and Eric Zemmour continue to decline with the intention of voting, which is measured daily with our “Rolling Pole” barometer.
  • Jean-Luc Mélenchon will host the final big conference of his campaign by proliferating in 11 other cities thanks to holograms.


Melenchon publishes a lightweight version of the program for free

The rebellious candidate received some criticism when his program was only accessible on the condition that he paid 3 euros. Five days before the first round, candidates announce that a lightweight version of their program is available for free. 32 pages, all the same.


Abstention is not the reason for invalidation of political elections

AFP has confirmed that rumors are widespread on the network that excessive abstentions could cancel the presidential election. No ruling has been issued that could support this allegation, he told #AFP the Constitutional Council, the body responsible for ensuring the regularity of the elections of the President of the Republic.


Brut Friday Emmanuel Macron

The presidential candidate will make a final media intervention in Brut, an online channel, before the first round on Friday. He will answer questions about “Youth’s Main Concerns” broadcast by journalists Remy Buisine and Thomas Snegarov live at 7 pm on Friday.


“You can count on me!» Macron defeats the recall of voters in Brittany

“You can count on me! You can count on my determination. In the coming days and weeks, I will seek the trust of our compatriots to be able to act. For our country and our Europe. »»


Jean Lassalle Register Support

Former candidate Clara Egger, who failed to win 500 sponsors in the just-released press release, decided to line up behind Jean Lassalle’s candidacy. Keep in mind that candidates had the peculiarity of defending only one measure in this presidential election: the introduction of a citizens’ initiative referendum.


Lula and Dilma Rousseff support Melenchon

“We hope that comrade Jean-Luc Melenchon and France’s disobedience France will succeed on this election day, which is part of the struggle for the rights of peace, self-determination, justice and equality. “Masu,” two Brazilian leaders wrote for the LFI candidate on Tuesday.


Last big meeting for Zemur on Thursday in Paris

Candidate aides announced on social networks this Tuesday that Eric Zemmour had selected Palais de Sport in Paris as the last big meeting before the first round. This is clearly dedicated to young people.


Macron / Le Pen 2nd round is “not done”

In an interview given to Sud Radio this Tuesday, Jean-Luc Melenchon has the full potential to take a place from Emmanuel Macron and play in the second round with Marine Le Pen. Estimated. “I think it’s very likely that you’ll get there. Macron should ask himself if he’s really sure he’s there. Look at the curve,” he said. Explains.


Do I need to restore the ISF?

Many readers of Le Parisien, like some French, are wondering about the benefits of this tax refund, which was abolished by Emmanuel Macron in 2018. We examined this subject in the lab of the day.


Macron demands Europe independent of US and China

For him, the only way to meet long-term challenges as well as “meet the urgent needs of today” is through a European project.


Macron says he “wants to pass sanctions” against Moscow

“Europeans can buy gas outside of Russia,” he defends the presidential candidate, expressing his desire to go “until the end of sanctions” against Vladimir Putin.


“1 million jobs in 5 years”

The candidate defends his record in terms of work. He defends the need for further progress, especially with regard to unemployment insurance reform.


“Reconstruction of equal opportunity”

“The project I want to lead is to complete this need to reconstruct equal opportunity. That’s why my ambitions are, first and foremost, school, health and old age ambitions. am.


Macron and unexpected events

“It will shake us in the next few years,” predicts Emmanuel Macron. Geopolitical turmoil is no longer a distant concept. The war is here and the continent of Europe will experience the greatest migratory bird upheaval since World War II. »»


Emmanuel Macron speaks in Spézet

The presidential candidate took a microphone in front of the city hall and defended his “local” record, especially with regard to sailors, local language protection, and Breton roads. “It can take some time to move forward, but it also requires consistency. You have it for me as well. The next president, praised by his supporters, said,” I don’t want to do it for another five years. “. He states: “I’m here to bring new ambitions. Don’t do the same. The world has changed,” he says.


LaSalle continues touring in Aude

This Tuesday, Jean Lassalle’s “Tour Bus” is in Aude. Territorial candidates are holding a public meeting tonight at Roquefort Corbières.


Macron, Le Pen, and “personal attacks”, what is it?

At the French Interchange this morning, Marine Le Pen made some criticisms of Emmanuel Macron. “I will join the campaign very late, with outdated discussions mixed with personal attacks on me,” he listed the candidates for the National Union. “Personal attack”? In an interview with the Evra Group newspaper, the President-elect did mention Marine Le Pen. “I have never made voters on the National Front moral, but I have to say that it is a woman who is the heir to the clan who has been running for president since the 1960s. It’s a clan, not a rally. “I blamed Emmanuel Macron.” I haven’t heard any political debate, “Marine Le Penn replied.



Marine Le Pen will have a final meeting before the first round on Thursday night in Perpignan. Since 2020, the city has been run by RNLouisAlliot, who was also a member of Marine Le Pen.


Putu accuracy

Philip Putu enthusiastically said it, using Twitter: In the streets to protect our lives and the planet against dangerous fascists, “the NPA candidate wrote.


They want to limit the wealth of millionaires and youth sneakers

Compulsory voting system, property limit of up to 1 billion euros, up to 2 pairs of sneakers per young man, water and electricity limits. Do you agree with these suggestions? So vote for Gustav Kelburn and Benoit Delepine, the authors and directors of the very enthusiastic film “Simultaneous” to be released at the theater tomorrow. A movie that greatly pleased Parisians. Read his review here.


“I’m proud,” Hidalgo tells left-wing voters.

Asked about her fate from Monday morning, after the first round, Socialist candidate Anne Hidalgo did not say polls predicting her defeat were worthless, as the candidate does well. rice field. “I love Paris and take care of it,” she replied to the French information listener who first asked her. “But I want to be involved in the reconstruction of this left, so I can return to the government as soon as possible someday,” she added. In response to another question, the Socialist Party candidate and the mayor of the capital said, “(her) greatest regret”, “no more involvement in the country’s political life,” Jean-Luc Melenchon said. He criticized him for not collecting leftists during the year. Anne Hidalgo said she was worried about the “next day” choice between Emmanuel Macron’s “five years of inhumane liberalism” and the far-right “total turmoil.” “I wouldn’t have been a candidate,” she said, acknowledging the difficulty of her job. She then spoke straight to the camera, she told the voters on the left, and she told them: Great ideas never die. “


Jadot wants 50% of agents

Candidate EELV, a guest of TF1 on Monday night, is working on strict equality of agents. He cited the example of Chile, which imposes “exit parity” by law. “That is, after the election, we will end up with 50% women and 50% men,” explains Jadot.

Current parity legislation currently mixes the presentation of agents and agent pairs, but is in the application stage. According to constituency victories and defeats, women make up only 38.8% of agents for missions ending in June.


To reach 5% unemployment in 5 years …

Emmanuel Macron, a candidate for mission renewal, is proposing further reforms to the labor market. Unemployment compensation first: “The tighter the market, the more it will decline over time, facilitating rapid reinstatement,” he explained to readers of the Evra Group, including Dauphiné in particular. The retiring president also wants to improve training for the unemployed to “make it possible to change careers in three months and six months.”


Melenchon, 11 meetings at the same time, 1000 volunteers

“We run campaigns, hold meetings and are confident that it is the beauty of democracy,” said Jean-Luc Mélenchon of Sud Radio. “It’s very comfortable to have 11 meetings at the same time,” he enjoys tonight’s meeting in Lille, which is being broadcast in 11 other cities thanks to holograms. However, the candidate acknowledges that “1000 volunteers” are needed to enable this technical feat.


Arthaud blames “hunger-killing speculators”

Lutte Ouvrière’s candidate attacked “a speculator who raises the price of wheat” at CNews. “From the top of the London and Chicago stock exchanges, blame all white-colored speculators who are completely aware of starving millions of women and men by pushing up wheat prices,” he said. Said. She blamed her. “They are also criminals who are as miserable and killing as bombs,” she accused.