Printemps du Cinema: 10 favorites to catch up during the show for 4 euros

For 4 euros per session, you have to take advantage of it. After being absent for two years due to a pandemic, Printemps du Cinéma will make a comeback for € 4 per show on March 20, 21 and 22 at all French cinemas. For those who haven’t seen it yet, this is an opportunity to rush to the big posters of today, such as Gerard Depardieu’s “Megre”, Jean-Jacques Anault’s “Notre Dame Brull” and Robert Pattinson’s “Batman”. , Gilles Lellouche’s “Goliath”, Bradley Cooper’s “Nightmare Alley”, Keb Adams’ “Retirement House” … But this operation has a more confidential release to the general public. Also exists to allow you to discover. I chose 10 pieces.

“Nothing 3 times”: Interesting and moving

Three homeless people in the Wood of Vincennes have won € 200,000 in the lottery. However, it is difficult to monetize a check without a bank account or proof of address. And with money … money problems! Nadège Loiseau has succeeded in a formidable comedy with Philippe Rebbot, Côme Levin and Antoine Bertrand. Each brings great emotions to the film between the comic scenes, and we are knocked out by this infusion of generosity and friendship and filled with gratitude.

“Little Nature”: Revelation

10-year-old Johnny lives in Forbach (Mosel) with his sister, brother, and mother who parades a little overdrinking lover. At her house, Johnny takes care of her sister and she is asked not to be too “fragile”. At school, when you meet a young teacher who believes in him, he becomes obsessed with it … without falling into a caricature, the movie shows how a conference can change fate. A brilliant drama with revelation, the young Ariocha Reinert.

“True Family”: Stunning

Anna (34 years old) lives with her husband and two boys, Simon (6 years old), and has been living with them with social assistance since the age of 18 months. One day, Simon’s real father asked him to regain custody of his son. Anna must decide to gradually let go of this child, who calls her a “mother.” Great movies, often painful, but sometimes very interesting. In this overwhelming mother role of her love and denial, Melanie Thierry is brilliant.

“Ali & Ava”: A small miracle

A very lively beard-bearded ant of an Indian immigrant, his relationship is at stake and he listens to the electro at the top and tries to forget his worries. Ava, a blonde blue-eyed school assistant who is the widow of a violent man, is her mother and already her grandmother. They are crossing and hanging. All the beauty of this movie lies in the way director Clio Bernard sees them and the way these two lost souls get along with each other.

“Belfast”: Overwhelming

Nine-year-old Buddy spends happy days in the arteries of his district of Belfast. Belfast is a lot of playful space where everyone knows him. But in 1969, the beginning of the civil war changed the terrain forever. Building barricades, arriving British tanks, shooting, exploding … This autobiographical record by Kenneth Branagh is as exciting and inspirational as it is moving.

“Come on, I’ll take you”: Bittersweet

Clermont-Ferrand’s storyless quadra single, Mederick, faces a terrorist attack in the city center. One of the perpetrators escaped. And now, a young homeless man who matches his profile rings at home … this is the starting point for this bittersweet movie, with a grid of humor and seemingly light, to find Alain’s Touch Guillody (“Stranger by the Lake”). am.

“Fuck it”: By generation

When she’s not flying, the low-cost carrier’s young air hostess, Cassandre, enjoys clubs, drinks a lot, and flirts with the boys she meets every time she goes. But often a veil appears in his eyes. Back with her father and her sister, she will have to face reality: the recent loss of her mother. Adele Exarhopros embodies this Belgian nugget not only in Cassandre, but in the whole generation who loves freedom while escaping intimate relationships.

“My wife’s story”: a nice melody

Jacob, a young captain who is lonely on land and monotonously exhausted on the sea, vows to marry the first woman to be a friend at a cafe. I’m Lizzie. They meet in a poker game. Love at first glance and bluffs … formal beauty, fluid and rich scenarios, frescoes via freighters and luxury ships from Paris to Hamburg, a movie that we no longer make “My Wife’s Story” To A bitter melody like salt water.

“Robust”: A shocking duo

“Robust” is Gerard Depardieu, also known as Georges, boring, clashing with scooters, his own variation, poetic and imaginative. But there are people who are stronger than him. His bodyguard, Aissa, works in security while competing as a semi-professional wrestler. Among them, a mixture of accomplices, distances and physical conflicts played with dazzling elegance. Deborah Lukumuena, revealed by “Divine”, asserts himself there with brilliant evidence.

“Red Rocket”: Squeaky

Mickey, who left Texas to become a porn star in Hollywood, returns to the country after losing everything following some Shenanigan. His return to this industrial area of ​​the Gulf of Mexico, devastated by the economic crisis, will spark … A ode to American exiles, a witty and cheerful evacuated people evacuating out of the system. Records, destruction by new spear flames Moral order, “red rocket” are all these.