“Pro D2, I don’t even think about it.”

At the beginning of the season, we talked a lot about the grassy stadium. The fungus invaded and the gardener was forced to start over to make sure it was in good condition. I’ve also heard that the 4th Stand Project has been going well since the beginning of this year. Behind the scenes at the stadium, a question was asked to the sports assistant at Blive’s City Hall in Philippe Doraleu.

The last home game is approaching. That way, there shouldn’t be a rugby match on the spot anymore. Will the lawn rest like last year? Do I have to work this summer?

Yes, as with last season, we plan to cover the top of the land with a scalp and replant it until mid-June, July and mid-August. This allows you to resume from the lawn. In the right state to welcome the start of the French Rugby Championship from September.

Is the city gardener steering alone?

Yes, it’s pretty. It is done directly and by our own gardeners who have the skills and abilities to do it. We saw it elsewhere in the condition of the ground, they returned the ground well following the danger we had at the beginning of last season.

Where is the dispute with Artdan, the company that maintains the lawn (the city hall blamed the contract at the beginning of the season)?

It’s still in progress. We have blocked some of the costs that may be due to them. The transition to direct management has no financial impact on the city. It was within the framework of the hybrid grass installation we accompanied Artdan for the first ground maintenance. Artdan didn’t play the role he should have, that’s all we can blame them for.

In the future, the CAB Club also wants to set up a fourth stand on the grounds of the current tennis court. Again, we are heading in the right direction. What can you say about this project now?

I can say that I spent December deliberation and relocating the tennis court. This is because CAB Tennis has five new courts and two mini courts will be set up in Garenne Verte. tennis. It happened, and it will happen. In addition, seats will be assigned to the site. After installing the fourth stand, the project manager will be the CAB, so it is they who set the development schedule for this stand.

Does the city of Blive have everything you can get by installing a fourth stand?

Yes. Some people disagree with this project and say that the stadium isn’t full and it doesn’t make sense to take a different position. The CAB has the two advantages of selling sales boxes, and because of the high number of box requests, we have additional facilities that we are looking for. Today, it’s a club that is moving forward, and they are always aiming to invigorate and move the club forward, which is their credit. This fourth stand is expected by the club.

How much does the Blive community cost?

Purestand is directly funded by CAB. The responsibility of the community is the relocation of the tennis courts. This will incur an economic cost of approximately € 800,000 (travel, development at Garenne Verte, and club facilities in Garenne Verte that require relocation). We assume that.

Well, the last word to the athletic assistant. Can you imagine the descent of Pro D2 this year?

I’m not thinking about it either. Frankly, I’m not thinking about it either, but I’m not thinking about it at all. I trust the club, I trust the leaders who make use of it, I trust the players, I trust the general public, I trust everyone, and for me I don’t project myself to the second part at all.